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Red China: Civil War Local Awards 1945-50

Rick Research

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Medal for the Liberation of Northeast China 1948. Typical of these awards, with thick multiple colored "enamel" paint. Many of these 1945-50 local awards were also awarded to Soviet "advisors." The same red and yellow ribbon was also used on the 1951+ Sino-Soviet Friendship Medals and other awards.

And its presentation envelope:

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Huai Hai Badge 1949 for the "crucial victory of the civil war" January 10, 1949. These images are of the SAME badge--red background by camera, white from scanner-- just illustrating the differences these methods of imaging end up with. This badge has hot enamel rather than paint.

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Another 1949 badge, for Crossing The Yangtze River on April 21. This badge has been documented to Soviet recipients. It is a surprising exception to the usual crude and painted awards, having a deep chocolate bronze chemical patina.

Hmmm. Hard to SEE that through the chocolate bronze finish, let's try a bit larger for the details:

At first this "|0|" mark was taken as a centering mark for attaching the pin, but from the next badge, it now seems this is a specific die or "LDO/RZM" type manufacturer's code:

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And a 1950 badge, South Central Front, from May 1. These are two different badges, with "104" (the one with more nickled finish remaining) and "105" (the one with more finish down to copper/bronze base metal) marks on the reverse. These "enamel" PAINT badges reveal the usual flaking wear found on most of them.

"104" under the pin =

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Here arre a few more additions to this old thread.

While my specimens are not in great condition, they do constitute some of the few items from the PRC about which we can be reasonable certain in the otherwise shifting swamp of PRC medals. While soem of these have been reproduced and some of these may be questionable, others are in such poor condition that they must be real. I present them for commentary and discussion as much as for information.

For reference, I shall refer to two items:

-- RMM - Illustrated Collection of Badges in the Chinese People's Revolutionary Military Museum

-- ZGHG - that "other book," small, softback, all-Chinese, something about "Zhong Guo Hui Zhang"

Sorry, my Chinese language skill is close to zero ("Liang ping pi jiao!").

The Liberate Southwest China Military Medal Presented by the Southwest Military Zone of the PLA

RMM #530, p. 53; ZGHG shows two varieties, 229, p. 69, and 270, p. 70 for next of kin (two extra characters above the pin on the reverse), this is the first "normal" variety)

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