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    Orden "Antonio Maceo"


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    Nicely presented Megan,

    here is some background information on this Order, established specifically for the military.

    Antonio Maceo

    Antonio Maceo 1845-1896, Was one of the principal figures of the Cuban struggle for independence, which consisted not only of action on the fields of battle but also of the political maneuvers of Cuba, Spain, and the United States. Maceo, hailed as the "Titan of Bronze" after his death in battle, played a vital part in both the Ten Years' War of 1868- 1878, and the successful war that began in 1895, ending in 1898 after the United States had entered the struggle.

    Decreto Ley #30

    Awarded to members of the Revolutionary Armed Forces in active duty, reservists and retirees, and to military units of the Revolutionary Armed Forces, for extraordinary successes in military operations; for troops? high level combat qualities; for firm and decisive combat actions, or for the training and readiness which contribute to the defense, development and consolidation of our socialist homeland.

    It will be also given to military and military units of friend countries for the same reasons.

    Regards Eddie.

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    Guest Rick Research

    That wretched single straight pin with no catch again! :speechless:

    Thanks for another one our :unsure: operatives :rolleyes: have not turned up.

    The wreath on this looks like the same one used on the Combatants of the Revolution Orders. Maybe there is also a silver and an alloy version of the Maceo as well.

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