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Soviet NBC equipment


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during my tour through different GSFG camps I got some interesting equipment. The Soviets had always been prepared for a nuclear or chemical war. So they had a lot of equipment in stock. Most of it was burned before they left.

pump for detecting Chemical agents

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There is a lot more of equipment but I think that I have bored you enough. :rolleyes: This kind of equipment had been stored in every camp in GSFG because the Soviets were afraid of an NBC attack by NATO.. Unfortunately most ofthe equipment had been destroyed before GSFG went back. :violent: I had the problem to get these things before it was too late. :ninja: Unfortunately I cannot show you how dogs had been protected because I have no model of a dog. The soviets used to put dogs into NBC suits. (selfmade)( the photographs I am not allowed to use)

I think the carryots and the gasmasks for kids are a very good idea. Every hospital should have them.

Today we only have friends and no enemies.


Frank :cheers:

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