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    Good day, gents!

    I have the photo because there's a Ukrainian soldier (I'm sure you can figure out which one) pictured here. Based on his cocade it was deducted that the time period is autumn/summer 1918, when the cocades were used and then ruler of Ukraine Hetman Skoropadsky allied Ukraine with Germany. My question to the experts is, based on the German uniform is it possible to pinpoint the time period more closely.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Guest Rick Research

    Other than before November 1918, no. They are a singularly UN-decorated bunch. From their dark cap bands, I'd think their Gardelitzen probably indicates that the Germans were motor transport troops or possibly railway maintenance troops-- rear area "lines of communications' support.

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    The last pattern German uniform, which most of them are wearing, came out in Sept.1915/March 1916, so other than saying that it was taken after that time, there is no way to nail it down any further from the uniforms or headgear.


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    Very interesting close-up. The chap shown has NCO lace and is actually wearing the enlisted ranks 1900,1902 and 1903 litewka not the war-time bluse. The strap is a light shade (possibly mouse gray) and appears to have a number under a Verkehrstruppen (eisenbahn, telegraphen, luftschiffer and flieger) insignia, so Rick's thought about rear area support troops looks good to me.


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