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  1. All I am hoping to put a name with this ribbon bar. I am presuming this was a highly decorated senior enlisted (army NCO or navy deck officer) from Saxony with some unique awards: Saxon St Heinrich medal, Prussian EK2, Saxon long service medal/ Brunswick Ernst-August 1914 cross-combatant, colonial campaign medal, China campaign medal, Brunswick Ernst-August 1914-noncombatant, Turkish Liyakat military merit medal (or Medjidie Star) w/ swords, and Thailand Order of the White Elephant. Regards Dave
  2. My officer's Feldbinden: Hesse, Saxony, Wurttemberg, Baden, Bavaria, Prussia, Prussia
  3. Chris Here is my Leibregiment hybrid M-1910 waffenrock with M-16 attributes (Swedish cuffs, Borte, white-piped shoulder boards). Regards Dave
  4. Eisenbahn (Verkehrstruppen) not Train, with a black belt as you have shown above.
  5. I agree. The only thing that would make sense is the photo has been lighted (during the period). Initially, I thought the photo showed a feldgrau Friedensuniform, but it is not (white trousers were not worn w/ feldgrau for dress). So, the dunkelblau waffenrock, the black plume and black collar and cuffs have been lightened enough to change the shade we are seeing.
  6. Yes, but the shoulder strap indicates a cypher/number on it. None of the Prussian guard foot regiments with this cuff configuration have anything on the on the straps.
  7. Dave, I believe your guy is an Unteroffizier with one of the four Eisenbahn regiments, based on the litzen, Swedish cuff, the apparant silver fittings and black plume on the pickelhaube and the hint of a cypher on the shoulder strap. He also has a Schutzenabzeichen (1. Klasse) and a Winkerflaggen abzeichen on his sleeve Regards Dave
  8. Nick Thanks for your response so quickly. Here is the reason for my question. This tunic was aquired without shoulder boards (I have added field grade boards for display). From the piping combination, it was easily identified as an officer with the LG Jaegersky Regiment. Based on the cut and tailoring of the tunic and the additional loops and holes for the medal bar, orders and presumed regimental badge, I feel this gentleman was pretty high up in the pecking order. Could this individual be identified through this information? Thanks again Dave
  9. Hello I am trying to identify the regimental commander for the LG Jaegersky Rgmt at the outset of the war. Also, are there any photos of him available? Thanks Dave
  10. Hmmm. I thought about that, but I had never seen a Ottoman Pilots badge by itself (not in conjuntion with a German pilot or observer badge) on a German uniform. The photo is from Grimma, Saxony and his cap cockade seems to confirm he was a Saxon. Now that the litzen seems to indicate a flieger uniform, is there a possibily this NCO could be identified?
  11. A friend showed this picture of a Saxon senior NCO and wanted info on him. Looking at the litzen, I presumed he was with LGR 100 or GR 101 and looked for any association for those regiments to have fought with the Turks. From what I could determine, Res IR 101 was part of the 219 ID in Macedonia and Serbia in 1918; nothing else I looked up seems to fit. Hopefully, I'm in the ball park, or can be "set straight" which regiment he was with and perhaps even identify him. BTW, aside from the Turkish War Medal, I see one other Turkish medal, an EK1, a fairly sustantial ribbon bar (I would presume the first ribbon would be an Albert bravery medal) and a breast badge that can't quite be seen on his left side (most likely a wound badge). Thanks Dave
  12. Hello, I picked up a nice miniature medal group with the British 1914-18 War Medal, WW1 Victory Medal, Indian General Service Medal w/ Afganistan 1919 bar and a General Service Medal w/ Iraq bar. Would there be any way to narrow down which British units would have been authorized for these medals? Thanks Dave
  13. Thanks Chris and Paul for your time. I couldn't find him in the London Gazette site either. I'll put a picture up of the SD jacket when I get time. Dave
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