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  1. This is my Kraftfahrer Lederlitewka. The manufacturer of the coat was Mohr & Speyer.
  2. Interesting! My hunch would be he was with 1. Infanterie-Regt. Konig
  3. Thank you all for your responses. Chris, Three of the four GGR2 hauptmanns killed in 1914 had been transferred to RIR 15. v. Wedemeyer 8/23/14 at Gozee v. Kathen 11/17/14 at Apern Bock v. Wulfingen 11/17/14 at Apern
  4. Thanks, Dave. Another potential candidate is Haupt. Bock v. Wulfingen. Promoted to hauptmann in 1910. Awards included Austrian Franz Joseph Orden- Ritterkreuz,. Killed on 11/17/1914 with RIR 15. Any idea what the breast badge could be on the tunic?
  5. Jens, Thanks for the correction on v. Oertzen's name. Laurentius, I am posting a picture of the tunic with an EK1 suspended only from the top loop. You can see the outside edges of the cross are actually inside the four loops!. I know that v. Hagen was awarded the Offizierkreuz for the Franz Joseph Orden, but I have never seen hooks to the side for this award.
  6. Wie Gehts: I was wondering if the original owner of this unnamed tunic could be identified with limited information presented here. This is the M1910 waffenrock for a hauptmann with GGR2. First, I noticed that the tunic was used in the field (wear and well tailored repairs at the bottom of the skirt) and he has an EK2, but no EK1. Although he did have a breast badge, the dimensions for the loops are much longer/wider than any EK1. He did also have a fairly extensive ribbon bar (I presume 6 awards) for no EK1, which I presume were pre-war awards. So, was this chap killed earl
  7. All I am hoping to put a name with this ribbon bar. I am presuming this was a highly decorated senior enlisted (army NCO or navy deck officer) from Saxony with some unique awards: Saxon St Heinrich medal, Prussian EK2, Saxon long service medal/ Brunswick Ernst-August 1914 cross-combatant, colonial campaign medal, China campaign medal, Brunswick Ernst-August 1914-noncombatant, Turkish Liyakat military merit medal (or Medjidie Star) w/ swords, and Thailand Order of the White Elephant. Regards Dave
  8. My officer's Feldbinden: Hesse, Saxony, Wurttemberg, Baden, Bavaria, Prussia, Prussia
  9. Chris Here is my Leibregiment hybrid M-1910 waffenrock with M-16 attributes (Swedish cuffs, Borte, white-piped shoulder boards). Regards Dave
  10. Eisenbahn (Verkehrstruppen) not Train, with a black belt as you have shown above.
  11. I agree. The only thing that would make sense is the photo has been lighted (during the period). Initially, I thought the photo showed a feldgrau Friedensuniform, but it is not (white trousers were not worn w/ feldgrau for dress). So, the dunkelblau waffenrock, the black plume and black collar and cuffs have been lightened enough to change the shade we are seeing.
  12. Yes, but the shoulder strap indicates a cypher/number on it. None of the Prussian guard foot regiments with this cuff configuration have anything on the on the straps.
  13. Dave, I believe your guy is an Unteroffizier with one of the four Eisenbahn regiments, based on the litzen, Swedish cuff, the apparant silver fittings and black plume on the pickelhaube and the hint of a cypher on the shoulder strap. He also has a Schutzenabzeichen (1. Klasse) and a Winkerflaggen abzeichen on his sleeve Regards Dave
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