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    Please, can any of the naval experts provide any information on Karl Spindler (Lieutenant?) Imperial Navy who commanded the transport Libau - renamed Aud - which transported guns to Ireland for the Easter Rising - during which operation he was captured by the British? He was the author of 'The Phantom Ship' which was translated into English (of which I have a copy). Of particular interest would be any biographical information (birth, education, etc) and any details of his post war career and involvement in the German Navy during WW2.

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    Guest Rick Research

    Born 29 May 1887.

    One Year Volunteer 1 April 1910

    Leutnant zur See der Reserve 27.1.15 Ee

    discharged 28.2.19

    charakterisiert Oberleutnant zS dR aD 21.5.21

    Served in the Elbe Minesweeping Division: commander of "Reiher" to October 1914, "Nymphe" in October 1914, and 1st Officer of "Fuchs" to January 1915

    North Sea Outpost Flotilla as commander of an unnamed outpost boat and boat group leader to March 1916

    Captain of the Auxiliary Cruiser "Libau" March 1916-- (Received "Allerh?chster Anerkennung" on 4.5.17-- in whatever form THAT took-- a public mention in despatches? Or a signed photo of the Kaiser? Or... ?) and prisoner of war in Britain until April 1918 (apparently exchanged under parole). Interned in the Netherlands April 1918 only, and then "Nachrichten Offizier" (intelligence? signals? news?) until war's end.

    He was a resident of Bremen, but the only award he shows in the February 1918 Naval Rank List is an Iron Cross 2nd Class.

    He was NOT a member of the German Naval Officers Association (M.O.V.) so I have nothing else on him.

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    Rick & Jens.

    Many thanks for your most helpful and kind responses. They were greatrly appreciated. My project is a bibliography and commentary on German books about the Great War - personal accounts, novels and etc - which were translated into English. I have located about 130 or so - excluding accounts by senior officers. (The objective is to show just how much there is in English for those, like me. whose German is, as my past teachers would have commented v. poor)

    So thanks again.


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    I have written with member NavalMark an article over Karl Spindler. The reason was the find of the miniature medal, which was donated into the 30ths by the Irish living in America. It shows the portrait of Karl Spindler on the front, and on the back a celtic text. Unfortunately the article appeared only in German. If you are interested in it, I can send scann.

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    Guest Rick Research

    Kev :cheers: spotted a cased one of those 1931 medals on ebay some time back-- here are the eBay images:

    Oddly enough, the uniform he is shown here wearing would have been full dress as Oberleutnant zS-- a rank he only held in retirement after 1921, not at the time of his action.

    I've been hunting for one of these locally ever since, living in Ireland Across The Water.

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