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Hello all,

I got a new medal bar this week and I have some questions.

It's a nice simple medal bar with EK2, Hindenburg cross with swords and Prussia 15 year Long Service cross.

My first question is, what does the stamp "TK" mean on the reverse? Is it some kind of makers mark?

Also I would like to ask about the LS award. Does it mean that the owner was probably NCO (or privates got them as well?) because he got 15 years cross? As far I can understand, the owner was probably on service already before WW1 few years? Is it right?



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War time service counts double, so 1914-1918 (if he made it through) makes ten years - at least five more pre war to get the XV cross. He was a NCO rank. As the "TK" and "NTK" appears several times, this is probably his Initials.

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Thanks saschaw,

I was thinking that the "TK" is some kind a makers mark, etc. Very careful guy! :jumping:

I was pretty sure that he was NCO. So, ten years for WW1 is the rule for a front fighter? What about soldiers who served their country behind frontline? Units main demobilisations started 1920?

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Career military personnel got war years double regardless of where or what they were.

Now, aside from the bizarre initials scratching...

the XV Cross is GOLD colored, yes?

Issue crosses were COPPER finished.

It has been my experience, at least with attributable bars, that these private-purchase gold ones belonged to former NCOs who were discharged as Leutnants aD by the Weimar Republic. Requirements for that were: 18 "pension" years (so war = 10 and the remaining 8 normal years before and after to total "18" but not be enough to have earned an XXV Cross), or having been an Offizierstellverter in the field for a year or more. Apparently they wanted their unofficially gold colored XV Cross to LOOK like the XXV as much as possible.

So this is a "Leutnant aD" or "Leutnant der Marine aD" bar for a former career NCO/PO.

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I compared it with my another XV crosses and its really gold colored :jumping: . "Leutnant aD" or "Leutnant der Marine aD" but nothing else then EK2 bravery award :speechless::speechless1: . So, this guy was very careful because the owner marks and also he liked more shiney awards to wear :cheers: .

Thanks Rick and saschaw! Anyway its a nice example to my collection. :beer:

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