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    Police Swords

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    The police cutlasses that I have seen seem to be a standard pattern across the board. I believe all the Met Police cutlasses were marked MP so it does make it easier to identify them. Other Constabularies usually just had a serial number.

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    Police Swords,

    Hanger/Cutlass type were issued to Thames division initially.

    However officers who worked in a particularly dangerous area were entitled to request extra protection in the form of a sword.

    There is an early print dipicting police carrying out sword drill in Wellington Barracks St James Park London.

    Most swords will be marked, however those that are not should not be ignored as they are likely to have originated from Prison, HM Customs and smaller constabularys......

    Many marks are hidden under the hand guard by the hilt so look closely...if you are fortunate enough to come across those which have decorated blades then you are a lucky so and so.

    The main difference with the swords are usually the grips, some have fish skin, some have fish skin with wire wound around them and others have a brass handle.

    I hope this helps

    ShortPlod violent.gif

    (Always Interested in purchasing Police related items)

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