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What you get when you add this, to this, ?

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The Cross is of course the post communist period medal to Romanian WW2 Veterans,

Here its shown with the medal hung in reverse as is often seen on the veterans jackets.

The pin-back insignia is for the Veterans of the War against the Fascists.

Kevin in Deva. :beer:

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Hallo Ulsterman, :beer:

the crosses are post communist dictator-ism :P I will try to find out the exact date.

The veterans have a right to wear modern versions of any of the Romanian Royal Medals

they would have been entitled too post 1947.

The downside is they have to buy them themselves, as many are very poor pensioners, they tend to stick to the basics

which is the above medal and vets insignia and save the pension for medication that many of the elderly here rely on.

This Lady From Deva, at the age of 19, was a Military/Red Cross Nurse in the Crimea Campaign

I have not seen any Romanian veterans sporting any foreign awards locally.

I will try to get some pictures of some of the modern repros medals but, be warned they are cheap and nasty!! :lol:

Kevin in Deva. :beer:

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When were the 1939-45 crosses awarded?

Are there other vets' awards?

It's 1941-1945, as Romania entered war only in 1941. Anyhow, this cross has been established through law 68 of 15.06.1994.

Other awards... There is the veteran badge above. Beside that there was also a "Liberation from the fascist yoke" medal instituted in 1949, but it was awarded only to veterans of the western front (1944-1945) - in the true spirit of the time when those who fought on the eastern front simply did not exist. Anyhow, not even all who fought on the western front received it as some were politically "incompatible"... The 1941-1945 cross is the first universal award for WWII Romanian veterans.

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