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    Is this Mk V tank?


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    A Mark V tank can be seen in several photographs taken in Berlin in 1945 in front of the Berliner Dom (Berlin Cathedral). It has been suggested this was a museum piece that had been previously displayed at the Lustgarten and it had been used as a static pillbox to help bolster the city's defences during Nazi Germany's final days. However, there is no evidence this was the case and it is not clear what role (if any) it played in the Battle of Berlin. I think someone posted another photo like this one on AHF.

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    As far I know, Estonia Defence Force bought 4 this type a tanks from England and used them until 1939. Not so sure how many of them was in Latvia and Lithuenia army but probably more.

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    Hi all,

    i got new pohto today and I would like to be sure what tank is on the picture. Is it Englsih Mk V?


    Thank you,


    I love WWI Tanks this is a very nice picture:


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