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    Yes, guilty, but I did not snipe as it closed at some nasty time in the early hours for me.

    I never thought I'd see it - I paid and had never had ANY comms from the seller - and he's got 4 -ve feedback from the same time. I ended up putting in a PayPal claim, which escalated to a dispute that I won and received my payment back - only to have the cross arrive very unexpectedly today! Now I have to try and get him his money back, and I STILL have not heard from him!!

    To top it all off, the cross only measures ~38x x38 mm :rolleyes:



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    Guest Rick Research

    I assume, in absence of illustrative material :rolleyes: that you have an engraved OK1?

    There was no regular army cavalry/train Peters who held that rank. There were multiple Reserve and Landwehr possibilities, so not enough to go by on a last name and rank only.

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    Guest Rick Research

    Hmmm. Maybe somebody rubbed in gold paint to make it more legible? I agree, AWFULLY "fresh" looking when it should be all rubbed and worn.

    Well, assuming the Friedrich August Cross rolls can be accessed, that'll tell one way or the other, with a specific date like this.

    Who knows what the next couple of years may bring out?

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