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Medal bar of Vizeadmiral Kleinkamp on a auction

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Dear forumites,

I just found this group being put on German house for sale. It's a group with historical relevance; the owner of this group was the commander of the Schlachtschiff SMS Schleswig-Holstein (wikipedia Deutschland http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/SMS_Schleswig...tein_%281906%29 ), which fired the first shots of WWII on the Polish fortress on the Westerplatte.

Auction house's descriptions:

Nachlass des Admirals Gustav Kleikamp

Im September 1939 Kommandant der "Schleswig-Holstein", deren Sch?sse den 2. Weltkrieg er?ffneten. Zuvor u. a. in Spanien. - Deutsches Kreuz in Gold. Hersteller "20", neuwertig im Etui. - 6er Feldspange - 5er Ordensspange im "Godet"-Etui, neuwertig - Kaiserlicher Marinedolch mit Namensgravur (Dolch im schlechten Zustand) - Urkunde zum Deutschen Kreuz in Gold. Oktober 1944 als Vizeadmiral, OU D?nitz - Urkunde Spange EK 1. Klasse am 2.10.1939, OU Albrecht - Urkunde Spange EK 2. Klasse am 17.9.1939, OU Albrecht - Urkunde Memellandmedaille - Urkunde Flottenkriegsabzeichen als Konteradmiral "Schleswig-Holstein" - Urkunde Dienstauszeichnung 1. Klasse 1938 - Urkunde Dienstauszeichnung 2. Klasse 1936 - Urkunde Annahme des Spanischen Marineverdienstkreuzes - Urkundenheft DRL-Sportabzeichen, Goldstufe, Foto - Bef?rderungsurkunde zum Kapit?n zur See, 1938, Faks. Hitler, OU Raeder - Bef?rderungsurkunde zum Konteradmiral,1942, Faks. Hitler, OU Raeder. Alle Urkunden im ungeknickten, neuwertigem Zustand. Historisch sehr interessante Gruppe.

Limitpreis: 11.500 ?

Vizeadmiral Gustav Kleikamp

Born: 08 March 1896 in Fiddichow, Oder

Died: 13 September 1952 in M?lheim, Ruhr


F?hnrich zur See (03 Apr 1914); Leutnant zur See (18 Sep 1915); Oberleutnant zur See (07 Jan 1920); Kapit?nleutnant (01 Feb 1925); Korvettenkapit?n (01 Oct 1932); Fregattenkapit?n (01 Oct 1936); Kapit?n zur See (01 Apr 1938); Konteradmiral (01 Apr 1942); Vizeadmiral (01 Oct 1943)


Entered the Navy as a Seekadett at Basic-Training and On Board the Heavy Cruiser ?Vineta? (01 Apr 1913-31 Mar 1914)

Naval-School M?rwik (01 Apr 1914-01 Aug 1914)

Radio-Officer on the Heavy Cruiser ?Derfflinger? (02 Aug 1914-17 Mar 1918)

Training at the Submarine-School and Watch-Officer on ?U 9? (18 Mar 1918-00 Oct 1918)

Administration-Officer with the I. Submarine-Cruiser-Flotilla (00 Oct 1918-31 Dec 1918)

With the II. Naval-Brigade (01 Jan 1919-30 Jun 1920)

Placed to the Disposal of the Commander of Sea Forces of the North Sea (01 Jul 1920-30 Sep 1920)

Radio and Watch Officer on the Cruiser ?Hamburg? (01 Oct 1920-03 Dec 1921)

Radio and Watch Officer on the Liner ?Braunschweig? (04 Dec 1921-30 Sep 1922)

Commandant of the Minesweeper ?M 133? (01 Oct 1922-30 Sep 1923)

Instructor at the Naval Signals School (01 Oct 1923-31 Mar 1925)

Instructor at the Torpedo and Signals School (01 Apr 1925-21 Sep 1926)

Roll-Officer on the Liner ?Hannover? (24 Sep 1926-01 Mar 1927)

Roll-Officer on the Liner ?Schlesien? (02 Mar 1927-27 Sep 1928)

Training-Officer on the Cruiser ?Emden? (28 Sep 1928-05 Jan 1930)

Placed to the Disposal of the Chief of the Naval-Station of the North Sea (06 Jan 1930-10 Feb 1930)

Leader of the Signals-Medium-Test-Institute (11 Feb 1930-25 Sep 1932)

Naval-Liaison-Officer to Military-District-Command I, K?nigsberg (04 Oct 1932-22 Jul 1933)

4th Admiral-Staff-Officer with Fleet Command (23 Jul 1933-24 Sep 1935)

First Officer on the Liner ?Schleswig-Holstein? (26 Sep 1935-03 May 1937)

Leader of Group Technical Signals Affairs, OKM (01 Jun 1937-31 Mar 1938)

Chief of the Department Technical Signals Affairs, OKM (01 Apr 1938-23 Apr 1939)

Commandant of the Liner ?Schleswig-Holstein? (26 Apr 1939-28 Aug 1940)

At the same time, Leader of Warship-Group 7 (Zielh?fen Nyborg-Kors?r) with Operation ?Weser?bung? (Apr 1940)

Chief of Sea-Command-Office Calais (29 Aug 1940-27 Oct 1940)

At the same time Designated Chief of Transport-Flotilla ?C? with Operation ?Seel?we? (29 Aug 1940-10 Dec 1940)

Placed to the Disposal of the Commander-in-Chief of the Kriegsmarine (28 Oct 1940-30 Dec 1940)

Chief of the Military Office-Group, Head-Office Warship-Construction, OKM (31 Dec 1940-21 Feb 1943)

Commanding Admiral in the Netherlands (04 Mar 1943-31 Dec 1944)

Placed to the Disposal of the Commander-in-Chief of Naval-Group-Command North (01 Jan 1945-14 Mar 1945)

Commanding Admiral Deutsche Bucht (15 Mar 1945-07 May 1945)

In Captivity (07 May 1945-18 Apr 1947)

Released (18 Apr 1947)

Decorations & Awards:

- Deutsches Kreuz in Gold: am 14.10.1944 als Vizeadmiral und Kommandierender Admiral in den Niederlanden

- 1914 EK I

- 1914 EK II

- Hamburgisches Hanseatenkreuz

- Ehrenkreuz f?r Frontk?mpfer

- Wehrmacht-Dienstauszeichnung IV. bis I. Klasse

- Medaille zur Erinnerung an die Heimkehr des Memellandes

- Spange zum EK I

- Spange zum EK II

There are also some pictures for sale of this officer on another weblink... maybe the lucky buyer could re-unite this historical group!


A group like this should be bought by a Museum in my opinion... that would be ideal!



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