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  1. Marmier, Isaac Cyprien Friedrich Carl was born on 30th January 1976 in Friedrichsdorf (Hesse) from French Huguenots’ descent (see also the first and middle names of him and his father). On this marriage document of 20th September 1906 he’s registered as Reallehrer Doctor Philosophiae. He’s listed as fallen June 15th 1916 on the Estern front in today’s West Ucraina near Tarnopol, ex Gnilowody (Galizien, KuK Österreich-Ungarn Kaiserreich) today Hwardijśke (obwód tarnopolski). Very interesting 🧐
  2. Dear forumites, My brother just acquired this nice photo in Switzerland. Could you identify this officer by the name of Carl Marnier (Maronier) or other? I couldn't find on the Rangliste 1918 (1926). Many thanks in advance! Cheers, Claudio
  3. Posting these two bars, since sometimes wearers wanted to have both versions of their medals being shown on the military uniform or in civil attire (tuxedo).
  4. Last addition to my collection, a 4 placed Weimar era medal bar also shown on J. Nimmergut’s book on “ Abzeichen und Auszeichnungen deutscher Kriegervereine: 1800 - 1943” : Ehren- und Erinnerungskreuz des Marinekorps Flandern, Bronze mit sechs Bandspangen "ANTWERPEN" "YSER" "YPERN" SOMME" "FLANDERNSCHLACHT" und "DURCHBRUCHSSCHLACHT"; Königreich Preußen: Militär-Dienstauszeichnung für Unteroffiziere und Soldaten, 2. Modell (1913-1920), Kreuz 1. Klasse für XV Dienstjahre, Zink; Regiments-Erinnerungskreuz, Buntmetall vergoldet, mit zwei Bandspangen "RES. JNF. RGT. 227" und "RES. JNF. RGT. 263"; Kyffhäuser Kriegsdenkmünze 1914-1918 des Deutschen Reichskriegerbundes "Kyffhäuser" mit Frontkämpfer-Abzeichen, Buntmetall vergoldet, mit Schwertern.
  5. There are also pictures of other officers in Falke’s group… And some drawings
  6. Some more images and documents of Falke‘s service time during WW2, enjoy! 😉😊
  7. May I ask you where did you find this picture? Is it in your private collection or published in a book?
  8. Thanks a lot for showing it!!! Really incredible shot... wow! Incredibly rare private photograph...
  9. Thanks to all, I realised only immediately after I posted that he couldn't have been the son of the above mentioned. The von Vietingshoffs had several branches of their family apparently, even also a Generaloberst in WW2. I imagine Rick (Lundstrom RIP) would have thrilled to share his "heraldic" knowledge on this subject. Cheers, Claudio
  10. Dear forumites, Could be this one the son of the above mentioned? Has anyone a better image of this officer? Hermann Freiherr von Vietinghoff gen. Scheel Thanks for your most appreciated and valuable inputs... Claudio
  11. What I can see on the bar: Luisen-Orden 1st Class awarded April 22nd 1882 https://www.heraldik-wiki.de/wiki/Louisenorden Goldene Hochzeitsmedaille 1879 Zentenarmedaille 1897, Wilhelm I der Große 1797-1897 ??? - Dynastische Erinnerungsmedaille mit Brillanten (evtl von GB) ??? Queen Victoria Golden Jubilee Medal Any opinions? C
  12. Dear forumites, Margarethe was the sister of Kaiser II and the daughter of Fredrich III. She was later the wife of Landgraph Friedrich Karl of Hessen. Here below you can view a picture of her, quite faded, wearing the uniform of Füsilier Regiment von Gersdorff (Kurhessisches) Nr. 80. Now my question is: what kind of decorations does she wear on medal bar on the uniform of Commander in Chief (Oberst) of the above mentioned Prussian regiment? Thanks in advance for your much appreciated inputs and information. Cheers, Claudio
  13. Hi Christophe! thanks for you kind words... on behalf of my brother I can tell you that these comments are really very much appreciated. Do you have any interesting or a favourite photograph of a Saxon General with full regalia that you want to share? Maybe I can convince my brother to make a portrait of him. ciao, Claudio I forgot to mention that my brother already portrayed a Saxon high officer who later became General and during WW1 Saxon minister of war. Here it is:
  14. My brother’s last work of art, portrait of (then) Oberst Bolko Graf von Rödern, in the uniform of the Garde Dragoner Regiment Nr. 2, Alexandra Kaiserin von Russland.
  15. Of course, the portrait was shown on this very forum and already having been abundantly discussed before here ... But there’re plenty of them on the www.... 😉
  16. Yes, you’re assuming correctly... https://www.ehrenzeichen-orden.de/deutsche-staaten/medaille-zum-50-regierungsjubilaum-1903.html As you can read here above, the Sachsen-Altenburg 1903 50th years Jubilee Medal in Silver was given to Generals and high functionaries. Furthermore on the picture here below you can see that the tone of the last medal is a bit brighter than the to before in bronze, hence we could deduce, it was silver the silver one.
  17. Thanks Vince but I didn’t buy the KC ... interesting 1.9 k (1900) viewings and 2 comments... 🤔
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