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A small group here...

He was in the 7th J?ger at Verdun and on the Somme...

I am having trouble reading how he was injured... a broken foot?

Hi Chris.

I read the entry as " Zahnbruecke gebrochen und Zellgewebentzuendung rechtes Knie"

( for those who may have difficulties with the German language : dental bridge broken and cellular tissue inflamation right knee).

BTW: I have just received a group of an NCO I.R. 105 (6.Saech.) who was wounded at Verdun, survived the battles there. Unfortunately I am unable to post data>

Bernhard H. Holst

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Here is a young member of the Res.J?ger Bataillion Nr.20 in January of 1915 on his way to Ru?land. Notice the large old style Tschako.

Would he not have been wearing a standard M1891 shako? Great shoulder boards Chip. I like Jaeger items very much.

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Thanks Thomas,

I am a J?ger enthusiast too. Being a reservist, he was likely to get anything that was available, especially in 1915, the year of great shortages and substitutes. I have seen a similar photo from a different soldier from the battalion and he is wearing the same Tschako and cover.


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