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    Red piped Soviet Visor Hat

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    Hello fellow collectors. I'd like to know from which branch is this red piped Soviet visor hat? Thanks for any help about what it is and from which time period it is. I will ask the guy a picture of the inside. Thanks for your help! :)

    Is the red for artillery?

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    Guest Rick Research

    Either artillery or tank troops-- both were the same. The plush velvet band indicates it is an officers. Enlisted ranks did not have plush.

    It looks like a square visor rather than the longer "duck bill," so almost certainly a WW2 hat.

    Here is mine-- a VERY ugly style popular at the end of the war in the very same unflattering "flattened" form:

    Although they look like somebody sat on them, they are NOT squashed. They were MADE this way. Is supect the minimal amount of material saved by making an ugly "unraised biscuit" cap is why they were produced this way. maybe after every 100 hats, they got one "free" by cheating on the amounts of material.

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    Bryan these caps are heavily faked now, and that one has a few warning signs.

    Particularly the material for the crown, and the chinstrap and buttons are repalcements if the cap is early and original.

    You need a photo of the inside, and behind the sweatband. The damage to the visor itself is also a little suspicous, but wait for better photos.

    (Here's a picture of mine)

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    The black velvet (plush) I believe is for armor, not for officer per se. You will see that carried on into the 70's and 80's even as other colors and designs change. You will also find that same black velvet on collar tabs and the entire collar on the M55 parade. A plain black cloth band would be artillery. Both artillery and armor will be red piped. Original cap is fine for officer armor from 43 to early 50's.

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