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    LW Wehrpass with Ehrenpokal & DKIG entries

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    I would like to buy this Wehrpass from a fellow who has offered it to me, but I don't really have a good idea of value. I can find no similar items with which to compare. Could somebody hazard a guess?

    One interesting aspect is that the soldier began the war as an infantryman, and ended up as a Luftwaffe observer.



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    Hi Kevin,

    Based on the Feldpostnummer (32471) your Observer is Heinrich Bertsch who served with 4.(H)/Aufklar. Gruppe 23 and was an Oberleutnant at the time of his awarding. This however you may already know.

    In terms of cost I would expect, based on where it is being sold (i.e. Europe, States etc. ) anywhere between $800-$950. Since B was an Observer and not a pilot this drops the price for many and the fact the he was with a Recon unit vs. Bomber etc. will factor in as well. Personally I like the recon./oberservers so I would pay more if the unit warrants the price. The last DKiG WP I purchased was a few years back to a Stuka pilot and that was about $950 so factoring in a bit of cost increase I think the values above should serve you well.

    If you get a chance to post additional images of the WP it would be greatly appreciated looks like a nice item.



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