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Artilliere Ship crew award(s) ?

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not real sure where to put this thread but here goes

Concerning the ops carried on by several of the Artilliere Schule boots, the crews would of been entitled to which KM award/abzeichen and Ukrunde ?

Zerst?rer or ??


Erich ~

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Hi Erich,

That's a very good question.

The Artillerieschulschiffe, once the war started, were used predominantly on either minesweeping or escort duties. Both Bremse and Brummer would have come under the Sicherungsverb?nde so the crews could receive the Minesweeper Badge.

Both Brummer and Bremse of course were lost fairly early on in the war. Brummer being lost during Operation Weser?bung where she was operating in what seems to have been the role of a destroyer, it could have been the Destroyer Badge. Bremse, a much smaller and lightly armed ship, in the same operation was I think escorting transport ships so the Minesweeper badge would have been more likely.

As neither badge was awarded for a single operation and the vessels in question were "neither fish nor fowl" I suspect the type of badge being awarded would depend on the type of operations which made up the individuals cumulative "score", but would almost certainly be either Minesweeper or Destroyer.

Artillerie ships with lighter armament such as the Flak barges etc belonging to the Artillerie-Tr?ger-Flotille would have been awarded the Minesweeper Badge.

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