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    1. seems right at the moment Martin. Patzwal pubs had done up a few other interesting badges through their books.
    2. sorry for getting back late on this. Yes order directly Martin, I received mine of ebay.de from a seller. Gordon thank you for the private, much appreciated. E ~
    3. Greetings Gents anyone have this title and can make comment ? thank you E ~
    4. RJB brochure came in by post today, note Gordon's book will available hopefully on 20 December, as I said hopefully with a nice pre-pub offer on this special titles and 3 others going on right now. Congrats Gordon ! E ~
    5. Gordon thank you out of curiousity would the oak leaves / wreath actually fade into a grey-green colour. As I have seen very very few advertised for sale most do look on the dark side-leaves, the same for the application around the S-Boot badge on the document E ~
    6. Justin
      I wish I had an extra 2nd S-Flt. band for you, would love to trade out but alas no I do not.

    7. Justin, a hearty congrats, now to get you some issued KM documents for the S-Boot and Z-Flottille's. super E ~
    8. Do you have an extra 2. Schnellbootsflottille tally handy, I have a halb and 1 s-flott as you can see.
      Up for some trades?

    9. A hearty congratulations on the new acquirements Justin, impressive collection ever growing. 2.Minensuchflottille.2. pic for you E ~
    10. If you have a 2. S-boot flottille extra, maybe we could trade, one of my 1 Flottille for your 2nd? :)

    11. nice one Justin and Peter ok Justin just to keep you in the Schnellboot frame of mind here is a recent grab off ebay, note the 1st S-Bootflt. talley .............. E ~
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