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I got two photos today and would like to identifey the guys in them. Also any information about they rank, awards, unit, etc would be great to know :jumping: .

First one must be some 1WW period general:


Second looks like some 1WW pilot who was in the service also TR period.



Thank you so much who can help!

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The first is an under-dressed (not wearing any of his awards there in the office) BAVARIAN (from his collar patch) General... looks familiar, but can't place him at that angle of his face. How many pips on his shoulder board?

Too bad the ribbon bar is too blurry on the Luftwaffe Oberstleutnant. :( After 1936 but before the war, from lack of any WW2 awards. Is that the Radio Operators/Air Gunners Luftwaffe flying badge? :Cat-Scratch:

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First photo is hugh, so I will scan sholder board tomorrow again. Maybe it helps.

Luftwaffe Oberstleutnant photo is small, so I cant zoom more unfortunitly. Hes ribbon bar looks great but impossible to "read" any awards from that.

And you Rick are right - looks like Radio Operators/Air Gunners badge. Maybe 1WW obverser?

Thank you Rick for your quick answer.

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