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Fake or realy crude medal?

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I have found this medal on a site and they claim that it is a genuine "Visit of Prince of Wales to Bombay medal", but I have a really hard time beliving that.

I know that Prince Edward was visiting Bombay in 1921 and a medal was giving out to commemorate this event but NO WAY a british medal could be this ugly? It looks like the "Chinese civil war-medals" that have flooded the market in the latest years, if you look at the writing on the back it have som similaritys to this.

Is this a realy crude medal being giving to whoever wanted it, a really damaged medal or a fake?

I am very sorry for my english, it works in spoken language but not in writen.

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These medals are fairly common in India (less so elsewhere). The records are unclear (and the Government of India was immensely confused) as to who received them. (The government, by the way, found all these Prince of Wales visits to be a great frustration, in part due to the medals -- all unwearable, but often worn -- that were strewn about.)

While I have never seen any reference as to the proper ribbon, I believe this is the correct ribbon, an incredibly rare thing to encounter with this medal. Nice.

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As Edji says, they are very common in Mombai. So common that most Bizzars will have a few PoW Visit Medals. I believe the most probable explanation for why the medal is so common is because it was presented to School Children, hence it being made of Bronze / Copper.

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