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unknown Austrian .... ?

Mike K

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These came in a little lot of items and I have no idea what most of them are - only guesses. Probably in at least part Austrian related.

The large (40 mm) Der Tapferkeit medal (solid silver by Leisek, with "A" punch mark on the rim) I have researched, so that one is OK.

But what are the others? The red plastic eagles and white eidelweiss I am guessing are some sort of day/donation pins (like German WHW pins)?

The little patch I have no idea about and the other 6 I am assuming are individually sewn on ribbon bars for medals unknown to me (those might even be US). The larger one is bronze/silver bullion, the middle sixed one is ?bronze coloured bullion and the smaller one is ?white cotton. Not pictured was also a small ?silk shield pacth of the swiss flag (white cross on red background).

Any ideas?



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The bars I would say are embroidered and bullion versions of U.S. Lieutenants' shoulder rank bars. Bullion and mock bullion was WW1/1920s style. Might have come from some place like Burma or India in WW2 as fancy de luxe tailor work.

Or occupied Austria, given the rest of the stuff.

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