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Got this nice pic today (20 x 25 cm :love: ), written on the back: Generalmajor Hermann Gropp

Accordingly to Geile (Ordensverleihungen an Offiziere der preu?ischen Armee ... 1914-1918) Oberst Gropp got the KO2X on 21.11.1916 and the RAO2X as Generalmajor at the end of the war on 14.9.1918. If it is he, this picture should be from the time between. What could be the ribbon under the EK-ribbon?

With regards, Komtur.

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Those look like the subdued collar patches of circa 1916/17.

I think he has a custom woven one piece ribbon there that LOOKS like one ribbon over another, but is actually in one piece-- most "common" (if I can say that at all) in 1914/15.

I don't find him on ANY of the award Rolls we've worked on, so it must be something like one of the Hanseatic Crosses or ?

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Resurrecting this older thread to add:

The ribbon under the EK is the Schaumburg-Lippe Kreuz für Treue Dienste, awarded on 7.2.1917 as Oberst and commander of the 170.Landwehr-Infanterie-Brigade.  He was promoted to Generalmajor on 22.3.1917, so that further narrows the date of the picture.

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