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    1. Das Buch vom Schwarzen Adler-Orden. Stillfried-Rattonitz, Rudolf Graf von. Verlag Editio Militaris 2011 There you find all recipients. But it must be the reprint version of 2011 (!), because this is inclusive the edition of 1901 (recipients 1901-1901), Supplement 1908 (recipients 1901-1907) and addition of Eckart Henning/Werner Seeger from 1973/74 (recipients 1909-1918(34)). Regards, Komtur.
    2. That was yesterday on Ebay indeed one of the very scarce awarded Komturkreuz with swords by Wagner in silver gilded from 1917/18. The linked cross sold by Emedals is not one of the awarded crosses before 1918. IMHO these could be made by Zimmermann before and after the war e.g. for private purchase. This type of inisgnia was also given by the exiled Kaiser in the later Doorn period. Compare the Wagner cross (awarded in 1918 to Generalleutnant von Eberhardt) : and a Zimmermann (?) cross (given to Dr. Adalbert Remmert in 1932 by the exiled Kaiser):
    3. The awards are mentioned for the years before in some editions of the Hof- und Staatshandbuch Baden (e.g. 1910).
    4. Created in 1934 I believe this decoration can´t be referred in that way. Regards, Komtur.
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