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  1. This medal was my first thought. But looking at his career in Hildebrand/Henriots Deutsche Admirale, I was wondering, how he was able to receive it.
  2. 5 + 21 Stern vom Ehrengroßkomturkreuz des Großherzoglich Oldenburgischen Haus- und Verdienstordens des Herzogs Peter Friedrich Ludwig. Only a few stars are to be worn on tht right site, the Oldenburg Ehrengroßkomturkreuz star is one of them. 11 + 24 Stern vom Großkreuz des k.u.k. Österreichischen Franz-Joseph-Ordens 8 Stern of the Roter Adler-Orden 2. Klasse mit Eichenlaub und Krone ??? The crown belongs to the crosses, the star is always without a crown.
  3. He was at least 2 weeks in military service, but didn´t leave Germany.
  4. It is the official medal-ribbon combination (Kriegs-Denkmünze von Stahl am Combattanten-Bande) for stay at home service of military personnel.
  5. Thank you, that is always of interest and seems in the frame of timerange of that delay I noticed until now.
  6. Königlich Preußische Ordensliste 1905, Siebenter Nachtrag Some years ago I wrote an article about the post war awards of the Hausorden von Hohenzollern by the Ex-Kaiser. I found most of the informations about these Doorn Awards here.
  7. Announcement in the Königlich Preußischer Staatsanzeiger for Fürstlich Reußisches Ehrenkreuz 3. Klasse: 20. Juli 1903 Ehrenkreuz 4. Klasse des Fürstlich Schaumburg-Lippischen Hausordens: 3. Januar 1908 But there is always an delay between the award dates and these announcements in the Prussian periodical gazette of some weeks or sometimes some month!
  8. May be of interest too: Komturkreuz des Hausordens von Hohenzollern 27. Januar 1928
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