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  1. Thank you for your answer. Sorry, my question wasn´t precise enough - I thought there could be a printed source or a portrait of Böse showing these two decorations.
  2. In the end I could find the real bar of Marine-Generaloberarzt Dr. Konrad Bobrik 😊
  3. IMHO these are silver gilt ones. The Hohenzollern is not an officially awarded one. It seems to be made after 1918 and could be at the best an exile award after 1930. In the end a strange combination with at least some doubts. Regards, Komtur. Gilt as stated in the beginning ...
  4. Yes, it is the 1937 created and quite scarce Romanian Honour Cross of Merit 2nd class.
  5. Yes it is: Erinnerungsabzeichen an den 70. Geburtstag Wilhelms II. (Hersteller Godet) BTW the portrait of Livonius is NOT the picture of 1812 Overture, it is from my collection.
  6. Indeed this was the main point I tried to express with my comment. A second class Red Eagle Order was an award for ranks of major generals and similar navy or civil ranks, sometimes for one rank lower or higher. A jubilee device was handed out, if a decoration was awarded explicitly for a service jubilee. In that case the person must have been in active service for 60 years. It is quite impossible to be a major general in the Prussian Army and serve active for such a long time, because there was no official position, where an officer could persevere in that rank until his at least 76th year of life. But let us imagine, this happend nevertheless. Then our aged general must have been at war after his 60th jubilee to earn the swords to his order. Highly unplausible is the best phrase for that scenario. Regards, Komtur. Well, what should we do, losing two wars, even though having the cuter uniforms and the superior sausages. We were forced to change our attitudes at least. Without smiley, Komtur.
  7. It seems to be an about 80 years old at least major general earning a bravery decoration and getting such a decoration in another war before - respect! If there really exist one - it should be easy to research him 😁 Regards, Komtur.
  8. I hope that portraits, showing evidence for that procedure are of interest too? Regards, Komtur.
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