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  1. House and Merit Order of Peter Friedrich Ludwig Knight Cross 1st class with swords:
  2. Hofamtsrat Oskar Vater Ehrenkreuz 2. Klasse mit Eichenbruch: 22. Januar 1918
  3. Could you please tell me the source of the birth date? Thanks and regards, Komtur
  4. The name is engraved as part of the inscription of the last decoration. This memory cross is fixed so strongly, that it is impossible to take a picture of the reverse side.
  5. Wilkens got the Colombian decoration for his services in connection with transfering two flying boats of the Dornier Do J type (civil version) from Europe to America. The memory cross on the last position of the bar shows the route of the Central America flight of the Dornier ATLANTICO and PACIFICO in August 1925. On the picture with this two flying boats before starting for this flight Wilkens is to be seen as a member of the crew.
  6. With great input of Andreas 👍 the mystery of the last decoration could be solved:
  7. Thank you very much! Just now a collector friend found a citation of the Colombian award to Hans Wilkens. The content of the article would be of great interest to me:
  8. Could someone please help to translate the inscription on the reverse side of the last decoration of this medal bar? Thanks in advance, Komtur.
  9. Medalbar with: 1. Iron Cross 2nd class 1914 2. Bremen Hanseatic Cross 3. German Honour Cross of the World War (for front-line veterans) 4. Colombia Centennial Cross of Boyaca (1922-1928) 5. Inofficial Colombian Cross with a inscription on the reverse side: A / HANS WILKENS / CONTADOR DE LA EXPE= / DICION AEREA INTER= / AMERICANA AL INICIARSE / TE SERVICIO DE COLOMBRIA. / SEPTIEMBRE 1925. / EL CONCEJO MUNICIPAL DE B. QUILLA / A. LOMBARDI Is there a Hans Wilkens to be found in the Bremen Hanseatic Cross rolls? Thanks in advance, Komtur.
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