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  1. No. Because of the rank it seems to be no medical doctor. But even if he would be one, in war times he would get the order with the war decoration.
  2. The granduke Friedrich August with his wife having tea with their dentist Prof. Bruck and his wife.
  3. Thank you for the kind words! But to be true, it wasn´t the whole story 😌 The rules opened a possibility to award only the single ribbon to a decoration, one still had, if the kind of ribbon was higher ranking in the question of bravery. This was a rarely used possibility and it seems to me very unlikely, to retrace such a procedure afterwards. But it was: Paul Dieckmann got his Crown Order 4th class with swords on the 2nd November 1905 because of his position as a military veterinary surgeon initial on the white ribbon (with black stripes). But his later merits has be
  4. These questions are not silly, because the rules for the different ribbons on Prussian decorations are quite sophisticated. No problem is the normal or official ribbon, e.g. the light blue one for the Order of the Crown. Then you have the so called war ribbon, black with white stripes on both sides. These were normally handed out with orders with swords. Compared with the normal ribbon, war ribbons are scarce. Very scarce are, as you´ve mentioned, the white ribbon with black stripes on both sides. These were given out to decorations with and without swords. These combinations go
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