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    Formation badge identification request (British?)

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    These two formation signs have come into my possesion amongst a World War 2 Royal Signals Majors effects. Other items include his Burma star group of minatures with MID, 12th army badges, 2nd Corps Headquarter badges, paperwork and metal insignia.

    I have been unable to identify these two badges although I assume they are British in origin.

    As can be seen from the photographs they are mismatched in their manufacture but appear to have been worn on a a uniform together. They measure 2.3 x 2 inches approx and are made of a stout but soft material.

    Any ideas as to their identification please?

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    33rd Indian Corps.

    Originally intended as an amphibious expeditionary force, the symbols representing the 3 services.

    Travelled over 1000 miles Jorhat - Rangoon between April 1944 - May 1945, liberating over 55000 square miles of territory, halted the Japanese at Kohima, following the reopening of the land route to Imphal. Continuous action through the 1944 - 45 monsoon drove back the Japanese 15th Army across the Chindwin, from where the drive to the Irrawaddy was launched, culminating in the capture of Mandalay in March 1945. Operating south on the line of the Irrawaddy, cleared the oilfields area around Yenangyaung to link with troops approaching from Rangoon May 1945.

    Info from "Heraldry in War" by H.N. Cole, Gale & Polden 1947.

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    I suppose the positioning of the 2 holes doesn't really make it look look as if the device is a sew on, but I wonder if it was a private purchase for use on a cloth backing? The 12th Army shoulder insignia exists in left & right facing versions, or perhaps worn on the bush hat?

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    That's a possibility I hadn't considered Leigh although as you say the holes are posistioned in an odd way.

    With luck more of this Officers items will be coming my way including some World War 2 photos so I may be able to see this insignia in use.

    Fingers crossed :cheers:

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