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    British Soldier or an Actor. Curzon Studio

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    This photographic card obviously shows a man in uniform who for all intents and purposes appears to be either British or Commonwealth forces.

    It was produced at the 'Curzon Studios' Stratford. East London and Kilburn. North London.'

    The man shown wears a mixture of uniform items with various insignia which I wonder if anyone has seen before. The capbadge is indistinct and the badge on his right cuff appears to be a shell or bullet through a stylised 'M'.

    He wears no other visible insignia, his collar and shoulder straps being plain and his belt looks to be of a civilian pattern.

    The beard also makes me wonder as does the way in which his puttees are worn. ( A bit slovenly in my ex Guards opinion!)

    A search on the net for Curzon studios shows both a Photographers studio operating in the late Victorian era and also a Film makers which makes me wonder if this could have been a publicity shot of an actor for the latter.

    Any ideas Leigh? anyone? :banger:

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    WWI Volunteer Training Corps a kind of home guard, the arm badge is a green-grey cartridge with entwined red "M" - Marksman.

    I can't make out the cap badge, but the location of the studio may be a clue. I may be able to identify the badge from Kipling & King, but a lot of these units wore badges of similar design & outline, with just the detail differing.

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    typed "unts" instead of units - could be mistaken for a different type spelling mistake, ahem.......p
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    Had a quick look at K & K, the closest I can get at the moment from the badge outline is the Nottinghamshire VTC, which seems unlikely from the studio location unless he'd come down to the smoke for a shooting competition or whatever.

    Contender no. 2 is a general service pattern for the VTC, but I'm by no means sure that it's either of these.

    Forgot to mention, you've probably seen those little gilt & black enamel oval buttonhole badges with crown above & gilt helmeted head of Bellona in the centre, they used to be all over the place a few years ago, nobody was really interested in them - they're the Proficiency badge for the VTC, worn by "efficient" members on the right breast in uniform as well as civilian clothes.

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    Leigh, thanks again for answering another one of my seemingly endless questions.

    I have to say I have never encountered these units before and the general feel of the photo was almost Victorian or Edwardian to my eyes.

    Would you or anyone have an example of the badge you mention please?


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