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Medalla "Por el Servicio Ejemplar en FAR"


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:Cat-Scratch: Another one we haven't seen before! :cheers:

Now this is INTERESTING--

despite the rather :sleep: designation as "exemplary" (which sounds like a Good Conduct sort of award) this medal is WAY up there in precedence-- ahead of the Medals for Combatants of the Liberation and Clandestine Struggle.

That suggest REAL "exemplary" service by somebody!

By contrast, the very common (relatively speaking) "Distinguished" Service Medal ranked behind long service medals.

In English, distinguished is far more awesome a term than exemplary-- the difference between, say, "heroic" and "dutiful."

So who was "exemplary?"

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Indeed Rick,

This is interesting, notice that it is not in the Decreto ley #30 so must have been added at a later date to the awards system. Maybe Lukasz had the critaria which stated the order of precedence to work from for the ribbon page.

My therory at the moment is that this Medal was awarded to members of the original columns of the Rebel Army.

The use of the dark olive-green for the ribbon the same as, for example:

Orden "Combatiente de la Guerra de Liberaci?n"

Medalla "Combatiente de la Guerra de Liberaci?n"

Medalla " Combatiente de la Lucha Clandestina"

Medalla "Combatiente de la Columna Uno Jos? Mart?"

Indicates to me that this medal was reserved for the "Old Guard" and that the Distinguished Service Medal was for members of the FAR at a later date.

Regards Eddie

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You've got TWO now!!!!


(Still 0 for me :( )

Just the one Rick, I passed on the boxed one because I had already decided to buy the one in the scan.

An interesting detail in this Medal which dosen't show up well in the scans is that the Medal is actually concave in shape, the lowest point being the center of the star on the obverse.

No other Cuban Medal has this distictive shape, at least none we have seen so far.

Regards Eddie.

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Awarded in recognition of exemplary attitude in the Revolutionary Armed Forces and consequent military service for more than 20 years, dedicated to the defense of our Socialist Mother country and its territorial integrity and in occasion when needed to carry out other tasks and functions that the Revolution assigns to them.

The Medalla "Fraternidad Combativa" has much the same award critaria as this Medal.

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:jumping: Great to find this out!!!! :cheers:

The "and more than 20 years..." indicates something approximating the Soviet Veteran of the Armed Forces Medal BUT without being discharged after 25 or more years.

So this is a long (long) serving CAREER military officers and NCOs award, suitably vague on precisely when it could be earned-- 21 years? 25? ...

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