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Another interresting photo of officer

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I have received this photo today and I had the opportunity to id him.

Major Theodor von Bomhard from Bavarian F.A.R. Nr. 1

He received the following orders


HHO3X, 20 june 1918.

BMVO4aX, 27 july 1918.

BMVO4bX, 16 november 1914.

WK3X, 5 september 1916.

BDA, ???

Luitpold Medal, ???

?E3K, 26 septembre 1917.

?M3K, 5 september 1916

SpMV1, ???

If someone can tell me the date of the Spanish Milit?r Verdienstorden, it would be great.



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Finnish Order of the White Rose-Commander, and at the end of his upper medal bar, Finnish Order of the Cross of Liberty 2nd Class 1918 Military type (so rare we never discuss numbers so lazy dealers won't charge us more with our own knowledge :rolleyes: ).

the lower little medal bar :cheeky: looks like the Bavarian "Christmas 1918" Medal on military Jubilee Medal ribbon given to Royalists in the 1920s, unknown, and Finnish War of Independence Medal 1918.

He was born in 1874, so I think this photo must have been taken in the 1950s-- he is very VERY old looking!!!!!

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