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    WW1 Hungarian Badge / Being Faked?

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    I must say that the piece offered for sale on eBay is a poorly made cast copy of the original badge. I think that in no way it could deceive a collector.

    The metal looks like tin; the pin couldn't be wronger and no attempt was done to give the reverse a "better" appearance.

    Best wishes,


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    I asked my friend and he hold me: "The text on this badge is written in Slav (possibly in Czech language) and it referencing two Hungarian (until the end of WW1) cities, namely Szekelyudvarhely and Mihalyszallas.I think this badge was issued as some sort of an acknowledgement of participation in a Transylvania (Hungarians call it Erdely) campaign. It is possible that the Hungarian Government issued it to Czech officers who supported the Hungarian causes in that campaign."

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    The badge is a commemorative type - the plaque lists the locations of action - what is interesting to note is that the date is unfinihsed and was intended for the last number of the date to be added at a latter time.

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    .. Its a badge of 1. husar (cavalry) regiment of hungarian royal territorial army (Nepfelkeló) As hunyadi wrote, thats not text in a Slavic langueage (czech or any other) - those are names of places where the unit fought... There was surely no czech officer serving in hungarian honvéd or Nepfelkelo...

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