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Marine-Stabzahlmeisters Charles Thibaut

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Hello all;

I have the paybook and a photo of navy officer Charles Thibaut, but I would like to confirm his pre-war and post-war activity.

Does anyone find him the Rank lists? Any awards or medals?

I know he was in China serving on the SMS Jaguar when he was captured by the Japanese.

Thank you in advance.


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Hi Claudius, here some informations:


Best regards,


Thibaut, Charles

born: 16. Aug. 1881

01.Oct.1900 to the navy,

26.Oct.1912 Marine-Oberzahlmeister

Aug.1914 Kanonenboot "Jaguar"

Nov.1914 prison camp "Kurume" (Prisoner-No. 3750)

Hometown: Kiel/Schleswig-Holstein, also Frankfurt an der Oder/Brandenburg

Release: Dec. 1919

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Marine-Zahlmeister 18.4.08

Marine-Stabszahlmeister 22.4.20

He remained on active dury in the Reichsmarine as a paymaster until 31.10.28 so his awards are listed =

EK2, Colonial Badge ("Elephant Order") and Prussian/Reichs XXV Years Service Cross.

1924 paymaster of the Schiffsartillerie Schule

1926 kommandiert z Reichswehr Ministerium.

On 31.10.28 he transferred from the paymaster corps to being a naval Beamter with the Marineleitung.

In 1936 he was an Amtsrat on the staff of OKM Marineabwehrabteilung (A V).

So he was :unsure: a spy paymaster. :rolleyes::catjava:

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I lose him after the above, because the Kriegsmarine Ranglisten dropped Beamten entirely by 1938. He's not listed in Lohmann-Hildebrand, and was never a member of the Marine Offiziere Verband/Marine Offiziere Hilfe e.V.

You should be able to track him for a few more years in the Berlin city directories online, which continue to 1943-- IF he stayed with the OKM there. That will at least confirm he was still alive until then.


I just went and looked in the final issue-- and here he is in 1943, reverted to a MILITARY rank as Fregattenkapit?n (V), living at (Neville? :rolleyes::speechless1: ) Chamberlainstra?e 39 in Zehlendorf:

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  • 2 months later...

Hmmm... (Neville) ChamberlainStrasse :lol: in Zehlendorf At Number 39.

Just a little follow up...Zehlendorf is in the Southwest corner of Berlin. The strasse was changed to "Chamberlainstrasse" on November 4th, 1935. When the area came under new management :D It was changed again on July 31, 1947 to "Niklasstrasse" and remains that way today.

Apparently, where Mr. Thibaut lived in #39 is now the home to an environmentally-conscience cooking club called "Kochgruppe Kurschkern"

Up the block at Niklasstrasse 19 is the Sri Lanke Embassy.

I did have one question although...I don't understand this part...

Why do you think he was a paymaster for Spies?

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