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    Bulgarian Wireless Operator Badge

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    Found another badge to show you. I think it is for a wireless operator. And a good one - 1st degree. If not wrong, LZ is the international callsign of the country. Not sure if it is military - most likely not, or could be related to the DOSO /voluntary defense assistance organization/. Enough guessing, here's the badge:

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    Guest Rick Research

    Is there a serial number on back? It will be very interesting to see what other classes look like too. That looks like excellent quality enamel, which suggests it must be fairly old?

    Do you ever find the sort of folded paper award booklets for such badges at your local flea markets? I suspect that the ONLY way we will ever be able to figure out awards like this will be with such paperwork, dated and numbered.

    So much has been thrown away or "forgotten!"

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    Unfortunately there is nothing on the back. It is not a big badge - 3 cm including the hanger, that's a little more than an inch. Have never seen other class of it.

    The booklets are not very often to find. Till recently I did not pay attention, but think not to miss if finding again.

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