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Hello All,

Has anyone identified the makers for the ?issue? type of pilot badges? I have read Juncker was one, but are there any others identified? What about the issue type Bavarian pilot badges? I am interested in obtaining a Prussian issue type and have been trying to educate myself on them, but there is so little data on the issue types.



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Lee, we assume Juncker made the issue Prussian badges. However, the only stamped Prussian badge that bears a mark is the Air Gunner Badge. Bavarian? I don't think anyone has any clue who made those.....

Private purchase (army) badges from Prussia can be found by (major makers of the badges) Juncker, Meybauer, and at least two others with distinct characteristics that we don't know who they are. Private purchase (navy) badges can be found by Schaper, Meybauer and Juncker as well as unmarked examples.

Bavarian badges that are marked are usually by Poellath in Schrobenhausen. No other maker-marked Bavarian badges that I am aware of.

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