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Landespolizei ausweis for Albert Pfaffenberger, dated Feb. 1935, just before Hitler disbanded the Landespolizei in May of 1935. Many of the former members went to the army, as did Albert. I've included a couple of photos of him in his Heer uniform. Unfortunately, no photos of him in his police uniform.



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12 years in Police-- miraculously not transferred to army or air force in 1935 (and they were both head-hunting retiring NCOs with promotions to "instant Oberleutnant" at the time)--1935-39 in the Customs Service (long service cross 1939) then...

somehow in the Army, and yet all that did was end up with him as a Leutnant when his ex-senior NCO pals who'd opted for the Wehrmacht in 1935 were about to make Hauptmann.

NOT good at career alterations!!!!!

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