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    Here is my new ribbon bars what arrived today!

    I really really like them, especially because some Freikorps service! There is no chance to ID any of them but still great historical pieces.

    1. 10 place ribbon bar with the Silesian Eagle and the Baltic cross. Was the owner officer (because ?M3K?)


    2. 8 place ribbon bar with the Oldenburg OK2 with clasp, Baden Bronze Jubilee Medal(is it correct???), etc. Very interesting swords on Hindenburg cross.

    Now, last ribbon is 1897 but what is before that? Is it Imperial Russia St. Anna but why its then before Prussia award?? Also can it be then Lippe-Detmold Military Merit Medal?


    3. Now here is big question for me.... what is the awards in the middle?

    Second ribbon looks like Saxe-Meiningen Honor Medal for Merit in War if the corner green color is washed out. But third ribbon??? It must be some official award because its before Hindenburg cross (like I understand after 1935 all the Weimar period and vet organisation ribbons wasn't allowed to wear?)


    Edited by Noor
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    4. Saxony ribbon bar. Like I understand, its from Weimar period? Last ribbon with swords is some kind a vet organisation award? Looks like a KVK2 a little bit

    Is it first award Saxony Honor Cross with Swords?


    EK2 with nice device

    again, is it some kind a vet. org. award?

    Packing is blue.


    5. Nice 6 place ribbon bar with Hanseatic cross. Some colors washed out.


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    6. "South style" ribbon bar with the EK2 clasp and W?rttemberg bravery medal (WgM/WsM - gold or silver, is it right?)

    Question... two wars but no LS award(s). Is the owner Beamter?


    7. Great 6 place ribbon bar with the Baltic cross ibbon. But...


    like I understand, Baltic cross CANT BE in SECOND PLACE?????? Oh, and Wehrmacht eagles are bouth gold.

    Again, some kind a Beamter?


    8. Some kind a Luft worker with again... Baltic cross!!!!

    No bravery/combat awards at all.


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    With regards Bar Number 4:

    Number 4 ribbon = 1874-1913Sachsen-Konigreich Ribbon for 9, 12, Dienstjahre Medaille

    or 15, Dienstjahre der Unteroffiziere Kreuz.

    Last ribbon on Number 4 is a WW2 KVK with swords ribbon.

    Kevin in Deva. :cheers:

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    Thanks Kevin,

    But why this bar is mounted old style then.... I mean why is EK2 in the middle, after Saxony awards and also its missing Hindenburg :speechless: . Is it normal?

    Edited by Noor
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    Thanks Heiko!

    I was thinking exact same way! First, if its 2WW bar, then EK2 must be first! Also in this case there must be Hindenburg as well and most at all - ribbon some how is slightly different then KVK ribbon.

    So, pure Weimar period ribbon bar! :jumping:

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    Guest Rick Research

    1) yes, an officer's bar

    2) Baden 1902 Jubilee medal in that position, and with nothing from Baden is very ofdd. The next to last ribbon is a Baden long service award.

    3) yup, faded Saxe-Meiningen War Merit Medal, and Schwarzburg Silver Merit Medal

    4) Yes-- Saxon Honor Cross X :cheers: for a senior NCO and indeed the Kyffh?userbund Medal in last place, 1920s.

    6) Nice EK Spange device. This old soldier (an Unteroffizier? Or an Oberleutnant dR zV? Or....) has mounted his East Medal after his Hindenburg by mustake. Simply an OLD soldier called back out for another war.

    7) Baltic Cross is often found all over. many wearers actually thought it was a GERMAN award, adding to confusion. there being very few career NCOs withthat length of service, I'd say you have a career officer there-- probably an Oberst. If he ever made General there is always a chance a photo will turn up of him wearing this ribbon bar in the wrong order. :catjava:

    8) Probably a 1936-39 bar. No way to guess rank.

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    Thanks Rick for the answers! :beer:

    If the first bar belonged to the officer... is it possible to ID him? Is there lists of Freikorps awards or served officers (Baltic cross and Silesian Eagle), also Hamburg cross is on the way(or just Lubeck), Austrian award?

    Also prettu long service can narrow down some names, isnt it? :unsure:


    Edited by Noor
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    Hallo Rick, :beer:

    just to clarify a point, on Bar Number 4, is the receipiant using a piece of

    K.V.K. ribbon to represent the Kyffh?userbund Medal or is that the original

    Kyffh?userbund Medal mini ribbon?

    Kevin in Deva :beer:

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    with logical thinking (yes I can... :D ) this HAS TO be the ribbon of the Kyffh?user medal...... because...... if the bar is after 1934 he would have had the Hindenburg ribbon instead of the Kyffh?user ribbon............so the bar is before 1934 - and there was no ribbon for KVK available because it did not exist yet :rolleyes:

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