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    Ths Submarine Commanders

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    If you have seen my tiny collection with postcards and photos in collector showcase of ships that have been torpedoed you understand I am interested in

    submarines and related photos.

    So here a new photo in my collection of German Submarine Photos.

    Sure one of the most famous Commanders Korvettenkapit?n Reinhard Hardegen

    The boats under his command sank 21 ships and one warship making it total of 22 ships (he damaged 5 more)

    He have the EK II 1940

    U boat war Badge 1940

    EK I 1941

    RK 1942

    RK w oak Leaves 1942

    U boat war badge w Diamonds 1942

    This photo shows him with a Army officer? and some exited girls probably in 1942

    He have just returned from a patrol and a quite long one if you see his beard :rolleyes:

    When you look at the clothes I would guess this is early May 1942 in Lorient France, he has been out with U 123 on patrol for 62 days and sank 8 ships and damaged three more.

    I wonder why this Army officer was greeting him?


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