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    The document group of OberLt Fritz Koch

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    I addition to collecting medal bars and uniforms I have a thing for document groups. When I found this group in Germany I could not pass it up. The first doc is for the Sachen Meiningen Ehrenkreuz for service in war 1914/15. I think that the doc is rather rare. The group is to Oberleutnant der Reserve Fritz Koch.

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    Guest Rick Research

    I've never seen the female regent Meiningen War Merit Cross document before!!!

    #2 is not a Patent, but approval from his regimental commander that he is considered qualifid and suitable to pursue a Reserve Officer career, and is thereby appointed Reserve Officer Candidate. It shows that the former One Year Volunteer Fritz Ernst Karl Richard Koch, born in Meiningen 16 December 1880, joined 1st Company Inf Regt 32 1 October 1903 (AFTER college, apparently), was promoted supernumerary Gefreiter 1 June 1904, and supernumerary Unteroffizier 2 July 1904.

    The back of #3 will give his Patent seniority as Leutnant der Reserve.

    #4 is a civil service commission, naming him (Friedrich rather than Fritz there) Gerichtsassessor (legal "captain") with seniority of 1 December 1909, having been a Referendar (probationary legal "Lieutenant") at the Oberlandgericht in Cassel.

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    Guest Rick Research

    Duke Georg II had died 25 June 1914, days before the assassination at Sarajevo plunged Europe into war, and his son Bernhard, born in 1851, ascended to the throne. It was Bernhard who CREATED this award-- that's his "B" in the center, so I don't know WHY his wife (Princess Charlotte of Prussia, as she was, born 1860) would have been issuing award documents like this. The one Neal O'Connor shows is a Bernhard heading. Your document refers to HER as the "regent."

    I can only GUESS that with Bernhard away at the front (???) when he wasn't home, SHE issued things...

    but in HER name???

    Has anybody else got any for comparison?????

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