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Ribbon bar questions again and again

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Hello guys,

Here is some questions....

First one is nice ribbon bar with rare clasp "Venezuela 1902/03".

Is it possible to ID the owner? Looks like real vet with different campaigns :jumping: .



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Korvettenkapit?n Max Vollrath, Stabsingenieur SMS Nassau.

Someone had nice reference books here about Imperial Navy officers. Maybe is possible to scan for me a picture of him (if there is). I would be very happy :cheers: .


SMS Nassau


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1st ribbon bar is a quite peculiar combination with a very strange ugly backing, and matches no known naval recipient of the Venezuela bar Colonial Medal I can find.

Vollrath--- there is no source for photos unless a miracle occurs and one of any specific officer turns up.

Born 6 May 1874. Served in the navy 1 May 1894 to 4 march 1920.

I cannot confirm China since he was not an officer then, but as the only naval officer with the other awards, until we have the list and can check for similar army technical offiers, he seems like an excellent "suspect" for this bar indeed.

Marine Ingenieur Oberapplikant 1.4.05 on SMS "Z?hringen"

Marine Ingenieur 27.4.07 on SMS "Wittelsbach"

Marine Oberingenieur 10.4.11

Marine Stansingenieur 10.8.15

serving as the electrical engineer on SMS "Nassau" from before the war until March 1918.Then he was a section engineer with the II. Werft Division.

I don't know where or HOW you have identified the 3rd ribbon bar as belonging to a Deck Officer (??!!) from the commercial submarine "Deutschland."

Discharged as charakterisiert Korvettenkapit?n (Ing) 4.3.20

In 1938 (per Naval Engineers Association Directory) living at F?rstengarten 4, Rudolstadt.

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