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High Bavarian decorations during the Battle of Verdun

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the following is a listing of the highest Bavarian decorations bestowed for actions during the Battle of Verdun on personnel of the Bavarian Jaeger units deployed there:

- Militaer Sanitaets Orden I. Klasse:

Oberarzt d.Res. Dr. Alois Ansprenger, b.Res.Jg.Btl. 1 on 8.Oct.1916;

-Militaer Sanitaets Orden 2.Klasse:

Assistenz Arzt d.Res. Eugen Luck, b.R.Jg.Btl.2, 11.Aug.1916 (died of wounds 20.Aug.1917).

This Order is, I believe the rarest of the rare as only 11 of the 1. Klasse and 162 of the 2.Klasse were given..

Bayrischer Militaer- Max -Joseph Orden :

Ritter: Lt.d.Res.Hans Ritter von Neubert Btl.Adj. I./1.b.Jg.Rgt on 27.June 1916

Lt.d.Res. Joseph Ritter von Schmid, Fuehrer 1. Jg.Btl. on 17.July 1916.

Total of Ritterkreuze 249.

Bayrische Goldene Tapferkeits- Medaille:

-Jg.Alois Gruber, 2.b.Jg.Btl. on 12.June 1916;

-Jg.Otto Gutmair,1.b.Jg.Btl. on 27.June 1916;

- Jg.Alois Hempfer, b.Res.Jg.Btl.1 on 6.Sep.1916;

-Jg.Hugo Huth, 1.b.Jg.Btl. on 15/16.Jul.1916;

-Vize Fw. d.Res. Max Nickel, 2.b.Jg.Btl. on 12.June 1916;

-Vize Fw.and Off.Stellv. Georg Niedermeier, 2.b.Jg.Btl. on 8.Aug.1916;

-Vize Fw.d.Res. Ludwig Stautner, 1.B.Jg.Btl. on 8.Aug.1916;

- San.Uffz. Andreas Winkler, 1. b.Jg.Btl. on 11.July 1916;

-San.Uffz. Hans Zeitler,1.b.Jg.Btl. on 12.June 1916.

Note: dates given for these enlisted personnel are the dates of their distinction in the field.

A total of 998 of these medals were bestowed.

Sources: Bayerns Goldenes Ehrenbuch and ref. book on the Militaer Max-Joseph Orden

Bernhard H. Holst

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Hello readers:

in addition to the above list pertaining to recipients of the Goldene Bayrische Tapferkeits- Medaille

Objg.d.Ldw. Johann Berghammer, 1.b.Jg.Btl. on 11.July 1916 needs to be added.

Also one recipient of this high Bavarian distinction, namely Vize Fw. d.R. L.Stautner made Lt.d.Res. on 23.Feb.1918 .. He was severely wounded in Oct.1916 in Romania, the effects of which required treatment into 1920 , the year he left military service. He reentered the army in 1934 and the Mountain Troops in 1935. He finished WW II with rank of Oberst and received the Ritterkreuz on 20.June 1940 as Major and commander I./Geb.Jg.Rgt. 139 for his actions during the invasion of Norway.(Narvik).

Oberst Stautner was born 4.May 1895 and died 5.Jan.1983.

Source for this last entry is the Biblio series on R.K.recipients of the Mountain Troops, part VI,Volume 2.

Bernhard H. Holst

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