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  1. First name: Olt Theodor Heinrich from Solingen Lt dR Schleuß from Eschweiler - new one? 17.7.1917
  2. Carl Schumm was KIA in 1917. 30.10.1917 First name: FußA H Otto Schumann from Köln 9.11.1917 First name: Günther v. d. Nahmer, KIA 1917 18.12.1917 KIA together with Werner Bülowius (new first name):
  3. Not in the list: OTL iG Erich Gravenhorst, died 1942. June 1942 Not in the list: Dr. Friedrich Untucht, died 1943 15.8.1943
  4. Seems we don't have him yet: RM dR Dr. Franz van Endert, died 1942. 4.10.1942 A bit more info on Hptm Martin Rocholl from Bonn: 16.3.1917
  5. Max Kahr, 1915 already, might be a Princely one? 28.7.1915 One of the Langes, Major Ernst Lange, died 1942 at the Eastern front: 16.2.1942
  6. First name: Johann Peter Kuhler, died in Buenos Aires in 1929. 10.3.1929 One of the Müllers: Olt aD Edgar Müller from FußAR 8, died in a plane crash in 1929. 13.7.1929
  7. First name: Olt dR Alexander Kisker, died 1925 22.10.1925 This might be a new one: Klaus Riemer, flyer, died in a plane crash in 1926: 2.6.1926
  8. New first name: C. L. Otto Bausch, died 1933 26.5.1933 First name: Arthur Schoeller, died 1932 22.5.1932
  9. Arnold Wachsmann died as Major in 1940: 2.12.1940 I think we don't have him yet: Generaldirektor Paul Hager, formerly in FAR 7: 1./2.10.1934
  10. Amazing additional research, Dave! Happy to see it helps, Gunnar! This one looks like it's a new one: Lt dR Willi Schlöndorn, died 1939 18.8.1939
  11. Dr. Alexander Bergmann became Oberlandesgerichtspräsident: 16.12.1938 We had him already, but here is more info on KL dR Johann Wahlen: 16.12.1938
  12. The other Ernst Krüger, Hptm dR (not the later GL Lw): 8.3.1937 Lt dR Wilhelm Lindau became NSDAP Gauorganisationsleiter, plus more info. 25.4.1937
  13. Walther Schmandt died 1935. (We also had a Lt Ludwig Schmandt before.) 6.11.1935 Not sure if this is a HHOX, cannot find him in the list: Major aD Otto von La Valette St. George from UR 5, died in 1936: 30.11.1936
  14. New first name: Lt Dr. Wilhelm Rünz, RIR 68, KIA 1917 22.8.1917 First name, not sure which one in our list this is: Hptm Oskar Schulz from an IR, KIA 1917 16.7.1917
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