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    1. Now this is a very peculiar evidence from 1945: a "W. Vater" from the Paderborn area lost a case with his HHOX medal bar at the station and was looking for it. So if he is the (former Lt dR) Vater in our list, we now know at least his first initial. Westfälisches Volksblatt, 4.1.1945
    2. Lt dL Lakenberg was a teacher in Gladbeck, but I don't have his first name. Buersche Zeitung, 14.11.17 It looks like the Emil Flender in our list might be rather Emil Fleuder, from Hervest-Dorsten. Buersche Zeitung, 15.5.18
    3. Hello everyone, I haven't posted in this section before, if this is the wrong place please let me know. My question: is it possible to identify the brand of Field Marshal Manstein's watch in the picture below? He is meeting with Turkish generals in 1943. Regards Chris
    4. Very interesting! The ribbon bar in the second/third photo is the one shown here by Heiko as #2. It is the earliest of the three.
    5. I guess this has been discussed before, but still: Did Göring really wear two Luftwaffe long service crosses instead of two medals? Is there any photo that shows him wearing this medal bar? It would belong in our "Mistakes in Wear" thread. (Certainly, crosses look much fancier.)
    6. Daniel, I am sorry but I have to say this: we cannot go on for another 10 or 15 years. We have put a lot of effort into this, and there is so much new information we have found, it has to go out and should not be withheld from the public. We now find only very few new cases per year, rather like 5-10, at maximum. That would take us another 5-10 years, at least. And we don't even know if that total number you mention is anywhere near correct. Again, sorry, but someone has to bring this up. Chris
    7. Dr. Friedrich Speich died in 1933: Ferdinand Leonhardi died as OTL aD in 1937: Mindener Zeitung, 14.4.1937
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