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  1. KRICHLER, Reinhold. 1940-41 Maj., Kdr. II./Flak-Rgt. 36 (to 03.41). 03.41 appt Kdr. Flak-Abt. 121. 01.04.42 promo to Obstlt. 01.44 Obstlt., Kdr. Flak-Abt. 214 (still 09.44). It seems that he was in IR 161 during WW1. He is not in the list above as he was not commander of a Flak-Regiment, only of an Abteilung. The source I used does not cover Abteilung commanders. But it is a good point, I will see whether I can extend the list to include those as well.
  2. Update: While the Royal HHOX didn't come with oak leaves, it seems that there was a version of the Princely no-swords Hohenzollern with Eichenlaub, see below one that was sold. I didn't know that, what do the Princely statutes say about it?
  3. Some more info on Lt dR Dr. phil. Klausmann. The name is probably Dr. Gustav Klausmann, who is listed as Lt dR in the Verlustlisten (wounded in 1917) and who received a Dr. phil. from the University of Greifswald (same birthdate: 17. April 1888 in Heißen). From Stralsundische Zeitung, 10.10.1918
  4. Some more info on Bavarian Olt dR Dr. Sonnenschein from FAR3, prosecutor and flyer. From Münchner Neueste Nachrichten, 29.6.1918 I find two Dr. Sonnenscheins before 1919 who would fit: Dr. Wilhelm Sonnenschein from Werden a.d. Ruhr, who received a Dr. iur. from the University of Erlangen in 1904. (NOT him) Dr. Adolf Sonnenschein, 1886-1965, who received a Dr. iur. from the University of Greifswald in 1913. He was also Regierungspräsident in Osnabrück from 1922 to 1933: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adolf_Sonnenschein_(Verwaltungsjurist) ---> and yes, I can confi
  5. Very interesting, a flying ace, even Staffelführer of Jasta 51, whom we didn't have yet: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karl_Plauth
  6. We have him in the list, but here is some more info on Olt Diethelm from FAR 233 / FAR 53: From Bromberger Zeitung, 19.10.1918
  7. New first name and more info: Olt dR Alfred Grabowski from Posen, obviously from artillery. From Bromberger Zeitung, 6.10.1918
  8. Medal of Liberty 1st class to Gefreiter Ernst Wollenberg from Kreis Graudenz: From Die Presse (Thorn), 22.6.1918 Same (probably) to Ulanen-Gefreiter Paul Wrobbel from Langenau: From Die Presse (Thorn), 3.8.1918
  9. Bit hard to read: Finnish Cross (Medal?) of Liberty 2nd class to Unteroffizier and Offiziersaspirant Otto Lenuweit from Groß Puskeppeln (?) Kreis Ragnit From Königsberger Hartungsche Zeitung, 28./29. August 1918 This is probably the Medal, not the Cross 1st cl, to Gefr Hellmut Hoffmann. From Freiburger Zeitung, 19.8.1918 Not sure what exactly the "Finländische Befreiungsband" is meant to be, but Musketier Heinrich Overwaul from IR 255 is credited with it: From Münsterischer Anzeiger, 9./10.10.1918
  10. (Posted it in the HHOX thread, but thought it would be good to have it here as well) Chance find: a number of Finnish awards nicely together From Kölner Local-Anzeiger, 2.6.1918 And death notice to: Lt zS Bruno Blank From Arnsberger Zeitung, Okt 1918 Finnish award to Jäger Bernhard Knüfing. From Münsterischer Anzeiger, 13.9.1918 Finnish Freiheitskreuz 2nd class to Divisionspfarrer Kreutz. From Freiburger Zeitung, 4.6.1918 Anton Ilting, Flugzeug-Obermatrose, from Bocholt. Should probably read Medal of Liberty, not Cross: From Müns
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