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  1. But so, in theory, it might be possible to ID Nicolas7507's bar above with a Württemberg Friedrichsorden with X and the Austrian award to a Turkish officer. So I restate: This might be the first Turkish officer ID’d purely by his ribbon bar and award lists!
  2. Ok, I admit, I am not too familiar with Turkish awards. Not Lübeck, but Sanayi Medal.
  3. What a beautiful bar! I am wondering: if that is the Lübeck award at no. 3, he should be in their award rolls. I would guess there are not too many Turkish officers who got it (though probably more than one). If we then had access to the Austrian rolls, he might be identified. Might be the first Turkish officer ID’d purely by his ribbon bar and award lists...
  4. I found this picture sometime ago on the net, but haven't been able to ID him yet: Seems he has a KO2, OEK2, SEHO (?), BMVO, RAO3, AOR
  5. Very interesting! Thank you for this additional information.
  6. Sorry, I don’t think this will be possible. Too many Lts from Karab Regiment got the White Falcon.
  7. I agree with Dave, it cannot be Meister. Meister did not have the Bavarian MVO, and in any case, he was not yet General in 1935, when this was taken. Neither was Rantzau. I tend to think this is Karl Eberth. He only had a BMVO and the Bavarian Long Service and was already General in 1935. Went back to Heer later. And he came from the Bavarian Feldartillerie initially.
  8. After so many years, I have come up with another possible suspect: Dr. Albert Brecke, born 1862 in Hannover, got the Bavarian St. Michael 4 w/ crown in 1905 as Stabsarzt. Went aD in 1896. Listed in the Ehrenrangliste under "Wiederverwendete inaktive Sanitäts-Offz." as Oberstabsarzt aD, Landwehr Feldlazarett 11. Does anyone have more information about him?
  9. Thank you! Not sure if that says anything, but the Reck family originally came from a region close to Anhalt.
  10. I don't know yet, might have been a personal connection. He got the Anhalt peacetime award between 1904 and 1908, as Hauptmann/Major in the Infanterie Leib-Regiment. By the way, does anyone know his death year?
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