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  1. What I can recognize: EK, Verdienstkreuz für Kriegshilfe, HHO, RAO4, some Long Service decoration probably then 4 foreign decorations: first might be Austrian 2nd looks a bit like the Hungarian War Remembrance Medal, but I'm not sure 3rd might be Danebrog last one: Bulgarian Order of Civil Merit
  2. Very interesting! The last Prussian "Hofgartendirektor". There is even a picture in the article, however the scan makes it unrecognizable. Fortunately, it can be found on the net: It might be that this is the Hohenzollern Hausorden without swords.
  3. Another one from the Ostpreußenblatt (23.4.1960), might have some new info on Ulrich Benefeldt from IR 43: And another one, might have more info on Oberst Julius Münster, from Ostpreußenblatt 20.8.1960.
  4. More info on Erich Lubenau, from Ostpreußenblatt, 4.5.1957. And on Wilhelm Strüvy, from Ostpreußenblatt 1962:
  5. On the list, but still more info here maybe: Lt Heinrich Neuwirth, from Karlsruher Zeitung, 7.6.1918 From Ostpreußenblatt, 26.2.1955: Hptm Ernst Mann from Pillau
  6. Lt Karl Nagel, of a Garde-Reg. (I suppose it is the one from 2. GzF) From Pforzheimer Anzeiger (6.7.1918)
  7. From Pforzheimer Anzeiger (9.12.1943) Major Karl Bäsch, who also received DKiG (sort of WW2's Hohenzollern Hausorden) and more:
  8. Lt dR Gottfried Fuchs, FAR 14. From Karlsruher Tagblatt (27.9.1918) Lt dR (Flieger) Erich Haffner, Badische Presse (21.8.1918)
  9. Not much additional information here: Lt Estelmann from Karlsruhe. Karlsruher Tagblatt (25.5.1918)
  10. Georg Krüger-Gühne, OTL aD, from Straßburger Neueste Nachrichten, 3.8.1944: Lt dR Karl Monfort from Karlsruher Zeitung. 16.4.1918
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