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  1. Has it really been 14 years already? Anyway, time for an update: As was suggested by Rick a long time ago, I have gone through Holm's website (http://ww2.dk) again and compiled all the missing Flak Oberstleutnants: So both the list above and this additional one constitute a compilation of those Flak Obersten and Oberstleutnants who were - commanders of a Flak Regiment, Flak Scheinwerfer Regiment, Flak Ersatz Regiment, Flak Sturm Regiment, Festungs Flak Regiment, Flak Lehr Regiment or Heimat Flak Abteilung, - commanders of a Flak Brigade, - commanders of a Flak Division,
  2. This might be Walter Jacobi. He is in the WEK list above, and was Flak Oberst in WW2. From 3.6.41 - 5.45 Kdr FlakScheinwReg 161
  3. For the sake of completeness: a third bar of probably the same owner was sold some years ago:
  4. That cannot be Natzmer, because he is not wearing any neck cross. He would not have left off his RAO2X.
  5. Tricky, since he is not easily found, being a Turkish officer. Obviously, he is only wearing his wartime awards. If #2 and 3 are German, then they would probably have to be one-rank awards (like Braunschweig or Oldenburg), since if multi-rank, he would have got neck crosses. Except, if he chose to wear neck crosses on the bar (which sometimes happened).
  6. Those are the colors of Schleswig-Holstein, and that person actually lived there (Eiderstedt).
  7. Wow, congratulations! Wilhelm Wehner got his Dr. in law from the University of Gießen in 1903. The title of his thesis was "Privatrechtliche Sonderstellung der hessischen Standesherrn".
  8. I think the last entry on the reverse says "l(etzte) Nachr(icht) Mai 44" = last note May 44
  9. Someone's been trying to put as many fancy looking (original) devices on one bar...
  10. I agree the last one must be the Finnish Order of the Cross of Liberty. A different Adolf von Seckendorff (his father?) had been military governor of Estonia in 1918, btw: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adolf_von_Seckendorff_(General,_1857)
  11. Five years later, checking the other possible candidates in more detail, one fits also very well: Kapitän zS Siegfried Westerkamp (1874-1970), he had a RAO4mKr, China Medal not listed in DOA, but he was in China as Oberlt on SMS Bussard. Chairman of the MOV in 1919. Was in the industry later, and on the Vorstand of the Hafen-Dampfschiffahrts-AG Hamburg around 1941 (http://www.bundesarchiv.de/aktenreichskanzlei/1919-1933/0pa/adr/adrsz/kap1_5/para2_117.html) Couldn't find out much about: - Stabszahlmeister Magnus Lange, he is not in the DOA, got the RAO (17.1.1909, Marinest
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