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  1. Thank you! Not sure if that says anything, but the Reck family originally came from a region close to Anhalt.
  2. I don't know yet, might have been a personal connection. He got the Anhalt peacetime award between 1904 and 1908, as Hauptmann/Major in the Infanterie Leib-Regiment. By the way, does anyone know his death year?
  3. Very interesting find, congratulations! Especially the different types of swords are remarkable. Any indication from what exact year it is? According to the types of awards covered, it should be around 1936-38.
  4. And my Star of Brabant ribbon bar to Major dL Hans Eberhardt. The class is a Knight 1st with crown:
  5. I'd say this can only have belonged to Carl Eduard. Such an amount of carefully, specially made devices like this you only find on a bar that belonged to the head of a (former) ruling house. No. 11 definitely is the 1897 British Victoria Jubilee medal, which he probably chose to wear as he felt a personal attachment to Queen Victoria even during wartime. The only thing that puzzled me first was the lack of his own WW1 Carl Eduard Medal. But as the close-up of his photo in the car above shows, he sometimes chose to not wear this medal, and went just for orders instead of medals. There is also a simple explanation why Bulgarian and Turkish awards came before other German ones: They were wartime awards, which he placed before all other non war-related ones. What an amazing bar, congratulations Claudio!
  6. Absolutely incredible! If we had this bar in hand, we would believe it was messed with!
  7. I am not convinced this is not a Japanese officer, just judging from the blurred cockade, and if there is period writing to the contrary. See my thread about a future Japanese General (with a similar mustache) who stayed in Berlin for two years:
  8. Definitely him. Very peculiar that he chose to split his rows between the LS awards.
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