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  1. For the Verdienstorden, I only have these, maybe you've got them already: Leo Rittner and Fritz Barth (if "Hausorden" means "Verdienstorden" here): Both from Juni 1918
  2. While doing the research for the Hohenzollern House Order recipients, now and then I came across a notice for an Albrechtsorden recipient, by chance. I wanted to collect these in a separate thread here, might be interesting especially for Deruelle. I had a quick look at the published lists, but have not checked thoroughly whether we have these already. I mostly but not always have the bibliographical information for the notices, will try to provide on request, for those who look interesting. So here they are, in alphabetical order:
  3. First name: Lt Siegfried Rosenstrauß Interesting: a Jewish officer. This is from a publication called "Im deutschen Reich: Zeitschrift des Centralvereins deutscher Staatsbürger jüdischen Glaubens", Heft 9 (September 1918).
  4. Matty had him already, but here is the scan again, I don't find him in our list: Karl Weber from Frankfurt, Lehrer at the Schwanthalerschule. Very late award, so might not be in the list yet. Frankfurter Nachrichten und Intelligenzblatt, 19.11.1918
  5. Egon von Beroldingen died in 1933, 48 years old: From Neueste Zeitung (Frankfurt), 21.10.1933
  6. I know we had him already here, but here is some more info: Georg Krüger-Gühne, died 1944 as OTL aD In 1914, he was Olt in FAR 31, name still "Krüger". So he might be the Hauptmann Krüger in our list who hasn't got a first name yet. Straßburger neueste Nachrichten, 3.8. and 5.8.1944.
  7. Something about the career of Lt Werner Willikens, later SS-Gruppenführer and Staatssekretär: Also here: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Werner_Willikens Offenburger Tageblatt, 9.2.1943
  8. Some statistics for Bad. LeibGrenReg 109 from Badische Presse, 26.2.1927: 1 PLM and 11 HHOX awarded: of course, affiliations between RIR/LIR may change, for now we have for LGR 109: Arnim, Conrad, Ens, Forstner, Hofer, Hollmann, Hornstein, Kuenzer, Laber, Livonius, Neufville, Schumacher If Forstner is counted separately (since he got the PLM), these are indeed 11.
  9. Hptm Senden is Eduard from FAR 50. So both Sendens with KFO got HHOX as well. Badische Presse, 6.7.1918
  10. This seems to be a new one: Lt dL Knaus from Offenburg, should be Eugen Knaus according to Zähringen list From a publication called "Beilage des Alten Offeburger", 29.6.1919
  11. 3) Some typos/mistakes here: - Olt dR aD Spilling from Halle must be Otto Spilling (full name is in the Adressbuch Halle), so maybe the rank is wrong in our list - Olt dL aD Winckler seems to be our Lt dL Richard Winkler from RIR 36 - Heydenreich is probably Heidenreich - Bonsdorfer might be Lonsdorfer - Faulbaum should be Faulborn - K. Leonhardt might be Kurt, Stadtbaudirektor in Halle (as per Adressbuch) - Metzke is Fritz Maetzke, KIA as Oberst 1942, his ribbon bar (with other awards) can be seen in this thread here at GMIC:
  12. I checked everyone on the list. 1) One seems to be totally new, at least I couldn't find anyone who fits: - Hptm aD Haucke from Paupitzsch Krs. Delitzsch 2) Several new first names / more info: - Dr. med. Bodo Schmidt, Olt aD, Zahnarzt in Halle (Diss. med. Univ. Halle 1921) - Dr. Ernst Müller, Zahnarzt Eisleben (first name according to Adressbuch Eisleben 1936), Major aD (Diss. med probably Univ. Leipzig 1921) - Friedrich Tromp, Landgerichtsdirektor, Halle, lived 1875-1954, more info here: https://www.catalogus-professor
  13. While doing all this research, sometimes you find a gem. Maybe not the holy grail, but a little gem at least. This is from Hallische Zeitung, 15.1.1938, - an article about a regional meeting of HHOX recipients. Even comes with a photo: And what's best: The article includes a list of all living recipients in that region at the time: With an addendum a few days later (22.1.):
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