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Cumann na mBan gold badge on ebay

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Does anyone have any thoughts on the above auction?

I always believed the solid gold badge was as rare as hens teeth with only 1 or 2 known of, one believed to belong to Countess Markiewicz.

Were any of the Cumann na mBan badges, either in gold or silver, hallmarked by Dublin or Cork jewellers?

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The accompanying medal is privately named in a very poor style with a stylus that is wider than the type you normally see on proper contemporary naming (at least that is how it appears from the crappy photos). I have handled the gold pin that is in Kilmainham Jail museum, which is one of only two attributed pieces, and the reverse is completely different. It was a well made jewellers piece with hallmarks and a pin back fitting similar to that found on jewelry, not a fitting for a split pin as appears on this.

I suspect it is a fake badge that has been plated. I also find it strange that someone with zero feedback is all of a sudden selling something of such rarity ?

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Paul, i do agree. I've seen silver pieces made by (if i remember correctly) William Egan & Sons a silversmith in Cork and they were of a high quality and workmanship. I believe the majority were made by both Egan of Cork and a Dublin jeweller, i've information on the makers somewhere in my papers but not at hand.

I'm wary of something with no detailed photographs and especially without hallmarks which are required my law on any piece of silver and gold in UK and Ireland.

The medal is also quite crudely inscribed and not the most attractive medal i've seen. Certainly looks genuine but whether it was inscribed by the recipient or at a later date is anyones guess!

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In the past I was offered examples of this "Old Gold" pin from a seller, he kindly lent me then prior to purchase and I brought them to 2 jewellers who confirmed they were gold. They both were surprised at the lack of assay mark and the both believed that the markings on the back of the pins would prove recent manufacturing.

I do NOT know if these are the same ones as that for sale,


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I have a few of the gold cap badges and they very in weight. I was told by another serious collector that they were made in Dublin for senior ranking women who could afford them. His contact in Dublin was not available to confirm this at the moment, But when I find out more about the Jeweler and the year they were made I will let you know.



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