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Group photo of the German 60th - 1916

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Hello Everyone,

Here is a photo postcard of a group of German soldiers taken, I believe, in 1916. I liked the way they were sitting above what looks like a brick retaining wall and in front of another brick wall. There is a variety of foot wear and the NCO(?) in the middle looks to have been awarded the EK II. On the back of the post card is marked "60" in pencil, probably by a dealer. I looked at the shoulder straps with a 30X magnifier and "60" can be seen on two straps, sorry, I can't photograph that closely to be able to show this in the post.

I am hoping that someone can help with the translations on the front and back of the postcard. I haven't found any information on the 60th yet but then again I have only had the card for a few days.

Any assistance you can give me would be appreciated.

Cheers :cheers:


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This is the section with the address and postal mark with 10 Landw. Div. You can see the "60" written on the back. I have not tried to erase it but I am confident it is in pencil.

There is a second stamp the I can make out Brandonburg, the words Brief and II Battaillon. So would this mark the soldiers from the 60th Regiment, 2nd Battalion?

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I'm terrible at reading the script, but I believe it states the unit is Inf. Rgt. 60, II Bn, 6th Komp. I could be wrong. If it is the 60th then it would be Infanterie-Regiment Markgraf Carl (7. Brandenburgisches) Nr.60. That would fit with the word Brandenburg on it.

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Hello Brian.

Mike has already deciphered parts of it. I also read it as from 6./II. 60 or 6th coy,II.Bttalion of the 60 Regiment.

Adressed to :

Frau Martha Silberstein Seelow i./Mk.

Berlinerstrasse 11

BTW:.Seelow in der Mark Brandenburg, situated close to the Oder River, site of intense combats April 1945.

Body of the card to the best of my reading /eyes ability:

Osten 21.9.16

Mein Liebling.

Anbei zum Andenken welches schon lange in Deine Haende galangen sollte. ?????????

Sei herzlichst gegruesst(??) und gekuesst von Deinem Georg

In English I hope:

My darling.

Enclosed as remembrance which should have been in your hands for a long time already . ?????

Heartfelt greetings(??) and kissed,

Yours Georg

Perhaps somebody with real eagle eyes and English language skills can improve on the above .

Bernhard H. Holst

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Many thanks, Mike and Bernhard,

You guys are the greatest!

Part of my family came to Canada from Prussia in the 1850's. My Great Grandfather forbid any family members to speak German because of the First World War. Probably due to fear of persecution, though I was told it was due to his patriotic feelings for Canada and the British Empire. Either way our family never spoke German from that time forward, our loss.

Thanks again.

Cheers to you both. :beer:


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