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    Group of 5 with only one gong

    Brian Wolfe

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    Hello Everyone,

    I just got this in and wanted to show it off. Its a group of five ribbons with one having its medal.

    The group was awarded to:

    IB522059 PTR. R.KUMAR

    The group consists of:

    Special Service Medal (1986) Ed stated on SAGONGS that this would or could have had the Suraksha clasp, though no such clasp was ever on this ribbon.

    Op (Operation) Parakram Medal (2005)

    Sainya Seva Medal (1960)

    High Altitude Medal (1986)

    50th Anniversary of Independence Medal (1997)

    The 50th Anniversay of Independence Medal is named which is not common. When it was mounted it was put up the wrong way around so the reverse is showing. The other thing I noticed is that the High Altitude Medal is cloth rather than the plasticised paper ribbon I've seen in the past.

    I am quite happy to be adding a group awarded to a paratrooper to my collection.

    Cheers :cheers:


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    As I said elsewhere, and am proud to repeat here, a nice one! :beer:

    The Special Service Medal's clasp was, of course, worn on the medal, not the medal ribbon (though there's an unfortunate current fashion of wearing teeny illegible miniature clasps on ribbon bars, thereby both enriching military tailors and making the ribbon bars cluttered).

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