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    Identification help, possibly Austrian


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    I don't know if it's real or not, but that's the cross of The Teutonic Order of Saint Mary of Jerusalem, commonly called the Teutonic Order, which used to be an Order of Chivalry, but is now a regligious order of nuns, monks, and priests of the Catholic Church. There is still a small corps of supporters from among Germanic nobility who get to wear some type of insignia, but I don't believe they rank as knights any longer.

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    Hi Jeff,

    the shown cross is a Halskreuz des Hoch- und Deutschmeisters, a neckcross for the grand (high)master of the teutonic order. You can find it in the marko-catalogue at Number 170. It is very rare RRR and should be made of gold. i remember that such a cross was sold at the dorotheum in vienna some years ago but unfortunately i'am not able to find it. i also know that there exist welldone copys of this award.



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    two crosses of this identical type, copies of a XVII-XVIII Century insignia of Grand Master of the Teutonic Order, were sold at K?nker (Osnabr?ck, Germany) less than one month ago.

    They're well made, and a good substitute of an almost imposible to find piece.

    Best wishes,


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