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Attack of the Guards Division 4th November 1918

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The following two pictures show scans of a real operational order dated 3rd November 1918 relating to the 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards taking part in a large scale attack the following day by the Guards Division.

The attack was carried out in an easterly direction towards the Bavai-Quene au Loup road which is in Northen France.

As can be seen this operational order emanated from the Grenadiers Commanding Officer of the time, Lt Col the Honourable W R Bailey DSO and was issued at 1830 hours on the day before the attack by the Assistant Adjudant.

It would appear that 9 copies of this order were made and this one is hand noted as copy 5 and is shown as being issued to OC T.M Battery. (trench mortars ???)

Paragraph 6 is particularly interesting as it details ammunition scales and dress. I particularly like note f which states that the Officers were to wear camouflage and webbing equipment and that sticks were not to be carried!

Does anyone have any idea what is meant by camouflage in this context? I would imagine it refers to rank insignia but would be interested in your views Gentlemen.

Nevertheless a nice document steeped in history.

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Nice Docs. Referring to Para 6 and the Officers "will wear camouflage and webbing", I think in reality it probably means wearing O/R's SD tunics with webbing and carring rifles, which became a common practice as the War progressed to overcome the losses in officers .

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