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Completely wrong precedence. The cretin slapped the old style long service bar on the ribbon of the 1897 Centenary Medal and not on the proper ribbon. And the backing cloth is incorrect for "circa 1916"

The greedy STUPID pig mananged to destroy a valuable early type Baden long service brooch... to "re-animate" worthless garbage.

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I saw that one before and considered buying it. I thought it was (at least: may be) good...


"Stupid fakers" vs. "I wear what and how I want elderly stubborn NCOs" seems always to be a hard battle too me. 100% sure those don't work and are bad? Or is it the sewing? I appreciate thee opinions, but am still not convinced for 101%...


By the way, it's:

- Baden, Regierungsjubil?umsmedaille 1902;

- Baden, Kriegsverdienstkreuz;

- Baden, Verdienstmedaille or Preu?en, Erinnerungsmedaille 1897;

- Preu?en, Kriegsdenkm?nze 1870/71 in Stahl am Band f?r Nichtcombattanten or 1934/35 Ehrenkreuz f?r Hinterbliebene;

- Baden, Milit?r-Dienstauszeichnung.

If it supposes a bar from about 1915/16 it cannot be the 1934 Ehrenkreuz, so had to be the 1870 medal (and therefore the yellow ribbon the Prussian medal) - the ones that worried me most. Baden precedence didn't bother any old NCO.. :banger:

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