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Finnish medals?

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:Cat-Scratch: God! How many of this photo are OUT there? Do a search on his name (Strauch) and all is already revealed:




Or is this the SAME photo being rented around? :speechless1:

I sure wish there were as many/any portraits of Paul Wiehr, Commodore of the Hamburg-America Line in the late 1920s. I've got his medal bar and ribbon bar and have never been able to find a photo of HIM!!!!

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Hi Terry! A late answer is also an answer! The second medal is German established after ww1, Freikorps Hamburg. The city of Hamburg still have the three towers as their city arms. The third is Ehrenkreutz f?r frontk?mpfer from ww1. Then you have The Liberty medal for Finland or "Finland?s white rose" and the last one is also a rater ordinary Finnish medal but I cant?t remember its name. I send you some photos!

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