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  1. TerryG

    My TWM family

    Hi all. I have been out of this game for a long time now. I see some real high prices out there. Can someone give me an idea of the current values for these stars? Thanks.
  2. Tesekurler Demir. You mean the one with the ...beautiful wife....lol...?
  3. I just checked. The back of the photo has a note written in the old Turkish script. This was translated (by Demir I believe) as " when I was on board Yavuz" (other name for the Goeben.
  4. This one I have marked as linked to the Goeben....cannot recall why or how...maybe Demir can assist?
  5. Hahahahaha....They obviously did not ask my EX-wife.... Nice cross!!!!
  6. TerryG

    TWM certificate

    As you can see there is some doubt about the spelling of the man's name as I believe the original would have used a phonetic spelling in the Ottoman version. This is the box the cert came with. Obviously addressed to the man's wife or daughter. Name is Schampp I think.
  7. TerryG

    TWM certificate

    and here is a translation done by a Turkish friend a few years ago. I assume the wording remains the same on all....
  8. TerryG

    TWM certificate

    Here's one of mine
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