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    Well, I've finally gone and done it: expanded my collection from pre-1930 to include TR. Blame it on this forum and all of you gentlemen...

    so here are some newbee observations on my first pieces:

    Firstly the simple plain Kriegstverdienstmedaille


    When I started examining it it turned out to be the variant as pictured in Gordon's new book on the War Merit Cross on pg 40, with the binding rings of the central wreath appearing on the left and right instead of on the top and bottom side.

    The transverse loop also is off-centre (better visible at the picture off the reverse) which is also very clear on the picture in the book.

    The loop itself however seems rather thin to me, I had expected a thicker ring. It's soldered, but it doesn't give the impression of a replacement though.

    No maker mark as common, and a not-soldered/split ring


    There seems to be some "rust" shaping on the two o?clock position of the disk.

    Question: am I right if I say this is an early tombak piece?

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    Secondly: Kriegsverdienstkreuz 2. Klasse ohne Schwertern

    I see a zink piece with an amount of bronze wash left. No maker mark on the split ring. The ring is integral to the cross. So all pointing to a late war piece.

    There's a little dirt at the front on the right cross arm with should clean of with some water



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    Thirdly: Kriegsverdienstkreuz 2.Klasse mit Schwertern

    A zink piece with next to no bronze wash left. Ring is integral with the cross. So a late war piece Maker marked "10" in incuse relief on the ring, for Foerster & Barth, Pforzheim

    There's a small undefined spot on the lower arm of the Swastika



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    And last but not least: The Schutzwallehrezeichen

    (of which I know far less what to say by lack of a reference work... :D



    It has a split non soldered suspension ring and the loop is integral to the medal.

    The bronze is still quit intact but below the surface it turns black so I suppose this is a zinc piece (consistent with the late make) However the colour does still look more like bronze to me... anyone can tell by the pics what material it is?

    It was sold to me as an "Early heavy Westwall...". I don't really think that it fits that description though... i still would have bought it cause it came cheap, but I don't think it's what it was told to be...

    I'm planning to get myself a scale to confirm the weight. Gonna need that anyway if I continue in this TR stuff :rolleyes:

    How am I doing sofar? :)

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