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    Egypt Campaign 1882-89

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    It would seem that this was not a battle as such. More of a recurring 'mopping up' operation. There were several large scale battles, of which the enemy faired extremely badly. There were uprisings periodically, which were put down. Many units were out there, with the Guards having more than their fair share. There is more, but I am waiting for the rest. :animal-smiley-025:

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    Hi Bigjarofwasps:

    Did a little research on this one.

    The 35th Royal Sussex Regiment of Foot was Cyprus in 1881-2 and after the bombardment of Alexander was present in the operations in Egypt, including the surrender of Kafr el Dowa and Damietta. The battalion served throughout the Nile campaign of 1884, with the Desert Column under Sir Herbert Stewart, and fought at Abu Klea. A party of the battalion formed the escort on board Gordon's steamers in Sir Charles Wilson's Expedition in 1884. The battalion returned home in 1885.


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