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    Army Air Corps WWI Aviator's Helmet


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    After a bit of a buying hiatus, I have decided upon this little specimen to be my next acquisition. It is a WWI era, flight helmet that was worn by Lt. C Lester Morse of the 19th Pursuit Squadron whon unfortunately perished in a mid air collision over Wheeler Field in 1925. Apparently, there was a series of aviation mishaps in the span of a few days costing the lives of several airmen when aviation was in it's infantcy over the islands of Hawaii. I've been trying to gather additional information on him without previal and was wondering if anyone can help shed some light on this pilot. I'm extremely fortunate to own this piece and would welcome any additional info to post and frame alongside this helmet when I'm ready to display it in my War Room.

    Kind Regards,


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    Here is some additional info I found on Lt. Charles Morse from:




    R.W. Brockway

    "For three months, there were no significant mishaps. Then on 17 July, an MB-3 pursuit plane collided with a naval plane and crashed off Fort Kamehameha killing lieutenant Landon Catlett. The stricken navy plane made a safe landing. July 27 of that year, however, was the worst day of all for air disasters. Four army aircraft crashed in three separate accidents in the course of an hour and ten minutes. There was a mid-air collision over Ford Island in which an MB-3A flown by lieutenant Charles Morse of the 19th Pursuit Squadron stationed at Wheeler Field collided with a Navy DT-2 torpedo plane piloted by Chief Petty Officer Frosio. The collision occurred just after both planes took off from adjacent airstrips, at an altitude of only 150 feet. Once again, the navy plane made a safe landing, but the MB-3A crashed and killed Morse."

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    I'm still trying to find additional information on Lt. Charles Morse. I now know that he was one of 100 or so airmen who flew in the Great War from New Hampshire. Can anyone suggest any other sources where I may be able to find more info on him? I look forward to hearing your thoughts and suggestions.



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    Guest Rick Research

    I've got the Connecticut WW1 records and have access to Vermont's and Maine's but for Noo Hampshah your best bet is writing the State Adjutant General's Office (or whatever it's called up there) for his record.

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